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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Hooray For Hollywood!

Well, maybe not so much. Ellen's debut was not particularly earth shattering. I have seen her interviewed about her new role and she is, I think, determined to be fair but compassionate with the contestants as opposed to Simon's *mean* style. I hope she can be a little bit funnier in the future.

So onto the contestants. First there was Katie, the 16-17 year old from Boston who sang well but predictably. Then that poor country girl. OMG what were they thinking even sending her to Hollywood and did they have to completely and totally humiliate her in front of America? It was bad enough that she stunk up the house singing a song I have never heard of (was there even one note on key?), we had to see that she comes from nowhere and says *aeroplane* and is just really really someone you want to grab away from the jackals before they tear her to bits.

Then comes the *genius* Andy Garcia who is obviously one of the favorites. The song was fine but fell short of *genius* to me. Plus, I think his sob story is lame. His family moved out of the barrio so he could have a better life. Well good for them but shouldn't we be happy about that instead of considering it something to feel sorry for him about? Well...I guess we can be sorry that his dad cries all the time. I'm beginning not to like him.

Some girl called Haley sang and she is also a favorite but for the life of me I cannot remember what she sang or sounded like. Then, Mary the rocker lady. I think she will crash and burn during the group numbers based on a preview I saw so I am not going to get too emotionally invested in her, even though I like rockers.

Lilly I liked. I hope she doesn't do a Megan Joy on me though. Nice to hear a jazzy singer but I think Simon is unimpressed because she is not *current* enough for him.

Then...big Mike. I'm glad he is a father, I'm glad he is striving for his family but I would be more than glad never to hear him sing again. I do not get the picture here except that he is affable and reminds them of Ruben Stoddard or Randy because he is a big black man.

The guy who sang the David Cook song may have some promise. The Casey guy who took off his shirt in the audition (Kara cannot control herself...I thought she was getting married...I hoped that would tone down her sexual harassment of contestants) sounded a little lame to me but maybe he will improve.

Didi, whose friend died four years ago and who sucked up to Kara by singing her song, is another favorite. She was not bad but I'm not sure I like her.

Then the gal who they call country pop....she is a young one too. I think she is terrible..off key and screechy but they love her.

Crystal, I liked, but as was pointed out by the guys at Vote For the Worst, she looked like she needed a shower.

So..my two favorites of the night were Crystal and Lilly. I thought the men were all a bit boring. I really wish they had played the whole performance of that Justin guy who they called a crooner....it looked like one of those over the top things that would have had you falling out of your chair laughing and he looked so pleased with himself when he finished too.

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