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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Well THATS Finally Over!

The producers of this show continue to mess with a winning formula. The auditions used to be the equivalent of getting your teeth cleaned. No one particularly enjoyed it but endured it as necessary. This season, by stacking all the audition shows with jokes and mediocrities until tonight...the LAST episode...the producers have made it into the equivalent of a colonscopy. I can honestly say I only watched the last couple of weeks so I could write this blog.

Things perked up a bit tonight as we actually saw some people who MIGHT be one of the top 24. I even found someone to profoundly dislike...the Tatiana clone...Amanda. Crystal was shown only briefly but I like anyone who sings Joplin. Also, I REALLY like that Lacey girl. I hope she doens't get thrown under the bus in Hollywood by being in some jerks group number.

We got the requisite sob stories of course. Didi, whose best friend died 3 years ago. PLEASE resist the tempation to do a Gokey on us with this. I don't want to hear Stand By Me come from your lips. Other than the sob story, she has a Meganesque quality in her voice and unfortunately, I thought I detected a little bit of that stupid Megan wobble in her performance.

The most fun contestant for me was Kimberly the girl who has a big heart. She cares about recycling and Africa. I suspect she voted for Obama too. I would have enjoyed listening to her inanities throughout the season but as big as her heart is....and as profound as thoughts are....she cannot sing.

Poor Shenee from Dallas whose mother had a dream. She was truly awful. At least she didn't sing Whitney.

Well....Hollywood week is next up! I HOPE we get some good performances! I am ready to see someone entertain us!

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