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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Lets Go On With The Show!

Finally, we have our top 24. None of whom I yet hate. However, I think Todrick might be the first one on my to go list. I think Thaddeus should have been there in Todrick's place. And, Andy Garcia wept quite a bit tonight which really annoyed me. Newflash Andy, you are not the only contestant who wants to do it for his *family*.

About one half of those who made it have not been featured very prominently, so there may be one who will break out among them. My favorites so far are Lilly and Crystal. That Haely is *annoying* as Simon said and while she seems like a sweet young girl, I think I will be tired of her after 1 song. None of the men stand out to me yet, although I like Aaron Kelly, the sixteen year old. I still think 16-17 is too young to be on this show, though.

Well, next week we should finally get some entertainment. I am excited to see them all sing.

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