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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Olympian Drama...Not

I was torn between watching the Oympics tonight and American Idol as it was Men's figure skating and the opportunity for the woman snowboarder who hot dogged herself out of the gold to find (what is the magic word this Olympics...REDEMPTION). Mr. Aunt Tee recorded the Olympics for me (more on that later).

The entire first hour and 5 minutes of Idol tonight pretty much bored me as all I wanted to see and hear was some singing and not repeated sob stories...judges shuffling face cards etc. We got probably 15 minutes worth of entertainment in the first hour and not a full performance for anyone. So...once we knew that the overly confident Mary's group was out (if you hadn't cheated and known she was out already, you would have known it when Simon called her *old* at 27)we get to the go to the middle of the room and hear your fate part.

So...I'm going to go straight to the 9 people they featured in the last 45 minutes of the show starting with the *ins* and then commenting on the *outs*.

Big Mike:Rumor on Voteforthewors a few weeks ago was that he was disqualified because his dad blabbed to the press prematurely but he is still there so either his dad didn't blab or they forgave his dad for blabbing. He is not disqualified and will go on to break Ellen's back with his insistence on picking her up all the time. He is a nice guy. I don't hate him. I just don't love him very much. Good line from Randy...*go squeeeze something out of Ryan*.

Didi: Once again we were reminded that her best friend died 4 years ago. This doesn't quite carry the emotional punch of Danny Gokey losing his wife 30 days before the audtion but she is following in his footsteps by choosing songs reminding you of her loss by singing Angel as her final audition song. I actually like her voice. I don't like her crying all the time and predict she will have a *Brooke Out* moment pretty early on.

Katelynn: Ho hum. Not terrible not great. Chosen to be early fodder I think.

Casey: I have to say I am mortified to find him as attractive as Kara does but I would strongly resist the Cougar instincts Kara has exhibited when relating to him. Didn't she get married? Someone needs to get her married. Talent wise...he is a question mark for me.

Aaron Kelly: Well I heart him and want to adopt him. He may be fake as a $3 bill with his yes ma'ams etc but if he is not fake (and time will tell), he is one exceptional young man. He did forget his words at least once in Hollywood and normally they only forgive that for people who have music industry connections. He doesn't appear to have any. Unlike Archuletta he was not America's favorite child star or whatever. So we will see how it plays out with him.

Lee with the Big Voice: I guess they needed someone to fill the David Cook mold but I'm afraid he will fall short of that. Who knows though?

Todrick: His falsetto voice drives me nuts. He is an obvious plant with his Fantasia connections AND rumor is he may be a huge financial con man to boot. Vote For the Worst has discovered that he *promoted* local theatrical productions in several smaller communities and *charged* parents money for their kids to participate. Then ran off with the money with no productions. This may not be true. I don't think he is going to capture America's heart, however.


Well, Shelby made a valiant effort and frankly I didn't see much difference between her talent and Katelynns. Neither bowled me over but lets face it Katelynn doesn't have a facial issue and Shelby does and this is Hollywood where even Heidi whats her name gets ten plastic surgery procedures in one day to make herself more marketable (although I doubt Heidie/Spidey can sing anywhere near as well as Shelby) . I liked Shelby personally as she didn't try to exploit her issues and hope she tries again next year.

Which brings us to the pathetic Jessica who is like Kara 15 years ago. So earnest...semi-talented...but basically has a bossy boss attitude. On one hand, I applaud her for pointing out at the group week that she hadn't even had a chance to sing and I think the judges realized they were unfair about that and let her sing. But she was not remarkable and she was just such a self-entitled brat that she was bound to go down.

The things I liked about this show? Seeing Crystal sing. I love that girl. Things I hated? Seeing that poor 16-17 year old Haeley screech her way through and Kara saying she was awesome. OMG! That girl needs voice lessons, tone lessons, music lessons...something. She is like a microphone screeching into a gym of Kiwanis club members. You know its going to happen but you really wish someone would do a technical check before hand.


As for the Olympics...the showboater didn't make the finals. The Russian skater guy is in the lead. One American screwed up badly and is out. The flamboyant American did fine but not in the top 4 and the hard-working American guy is trailing the Russian by minsucule amounts. I'm rooting for the two American's who had clean programs to clean the Russian's clock tomorrow. I hope the Russian falls on his quadruple jump. But then...I'm just mean about the Olympics.

Don't know if KK had time to watch tonight but I would be interested in her opinions about the 7 who made it in.

Peace Out!

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