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Sunday, February 21, 2010

More Contestant Drama!

Yes, I have way too much time on my hands and read all sorts of stuff (primarily from the Vote For the Worst site). Here is the latest:

Didi the waitress who allegedly came from the boonies with the sob story of her dead friend and cried her way into the top 24 while sucking up to Kara singing *Terrified* in Hollywood Week? Well, she is evidently is not the simple little waitress she appears to be but has been working in Los Angeles as a musician for awhile and happens to have some sort of mentor/mentee relationship with the person who co-wrote the song Terrified (according to VFTW which quotes her Facebook page thanking the guy for all of his help to her career). So...she is a PLANT!

Casey James, who is Kara's crush, has a record of DUI's and other similar brushes with the law.

And poor Angela, who was sent home but told she was still a *star*...has even more drama going on. Her mother, who was a recovering druggie, disappeared on Christmas day and the fear is she went back to the drugs and may be dead. I wonder if Idol just didn't want to deal with the potential scandal. While her style was certainly nothing unique from the little we saw of her ( Celine/Whitney clone), she was on key. Unlike Haely who has no talent, is at bottom another Celine/Whitney clone, but has decided to say she is country to be different.

I'm really looking forward to this week so we can sort out the fodder. Its hard to tell from those little vignettes we saw who is really talented and remember...no one knew who David Cook was out of Hollywood Week (or Chris...whose last name escapes me...I would remember it had he simulated sex on stage at some awards show) so we may have some good surprises coming up!

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