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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

This One's For the Girls

Or, at least Simon has predicted that a girl will win and that means that the Idol powers that be want a girl to win (according to Simon *another Taylor Swift* who will be an *original*...never mind how you can be another Taylor Swift and be original). I am probably the only person on the planet who has never heard Taylor Swift sing...I've only seen her collect awards. I will have to look her up on YouTube to see what all the fuss is about.

Originality, or lack thereof, seemed to be the theme of the night. I like original...I just wonder why they continue to put people through who are not original. As far as judging this current group, Ellen described it best when she said you don't want to be the performer that makes the audience want the song to end. On that criteria, there were only three who I wanted to hear sing more. Which sort of makes Ryan's comment that this is the best group ever a big fat piece of puffery at best and false advertising at worst.

Lilly sang a Beatles song I am not familiar with. But there are no bad Beatles songs. I liked the song and her jazzy voice. She got good reviews from the judges but then Simon seemed to reconsider later in the program after he heard Didi and Lacy imitate her and Adele and Duffy (who I don't know) and whoever else sings like that. And her hair is platinum, not grey I like her a lot and hope she sings a song I know well so that I can judge her by that.

Siobhan IS a dark horse, as Simon said, even if she doesn't know what it means. She was not featured until the very end of Hollywood week and she was a very pleasant surprise. I thought she started the song in a range too low but I definitely was not waiting for the song to end.

My favorite was Crystal Bowersox, although she can quit talking about her kid any day now. I'll forgive her for mentioning that tonight since she was trying to explain why she auditioned for Idol in the first place. One of our blog followers hates her chin piercing (I hadn't noticed it until the follower mentioned it) but I find it less offensive than a bunch of tattoos. I had not heard that song before either but I know exactly why she chose it...it reflects her attitude toward life. And, I disagree with Simon that there are people in subway stations doing what she does everyday. There may be people in subway stations playing the guitar and singing and playing the harmonica...but not the way she does. And she does remind me of KK's sister (although not as pretty and KK's sister has better teeth and no facial piercings) so I I have to love her. I think the harmonica was a bit distracting though.

And now for the rest of the girls.

Had high expectations for Paige because Simon touted her at the end of Hollywood week, but she didn't blow me away. I was waiting for her song to end. Also, I didn't need to know that she had to use the restroom. Ryan should not have mentioned that but she could have used a more ladylike euphemism. In the house I grew up in, the *P* word was worse than the *S* word so each time I hear it I cringe. In addition, she probably offended every young mother in America when she referred to the snotty nosed kids she teaches. Not to mention that the chances look pretty good right now that she will be right back there wiping those noses next semester.

Ashley Rodriguez wanted to make Simon happy so she sang a song by his great discovery Leona Lewis. I don't like Leona Lewis and don't think her voice is much better than Ashleys, but evidently Leona is right up there with Whitney and Celine and others whose songs should not be sung by lesser mortals. Which is fine by me as I never want to hear or see Leona Lewis again in my life.

Janelle may have potential. But it was not in evidence tonight. She sounded like a wounded Brooke White. I don't even remember what song she sang.

Katelynn was trying very hard to be original and to be good. She may grow on me. I didn't really focus on how she looked. After Kara mentioned it I did think maybe the outfit didn't coincide with the song. I didn't see her face when Kara said that. Kara is just so darn awkward. She was trying to be self-effacing and say that Katelynn probably was calling Kara a bitch in her mind...but it came out wrong and then looked like she was calling Katelynn a bitch and she had to clarify. Just shut up sometimes Kara.

Poor Lacy Brown. I voted for her once in sympathy. I think she is much better than her performance tonight. Maybe it was nerves, maybe it was the song choice or maybe she really isn't that good but I would like her to have another chance.

Michelle is a corporate singer and it showed. Good luck getting any originality out of her.

I thought the judges were going to slather all over Katie Stevens as I think she is the person Simon has in mind when he says they want another Taylor Swift. She can sing but for some reason she bores me. I really didn't think she was as bad as the judges thought she was tonight. She does come across as *old* in that she is preppy. Which went out of fashion in 1983. But I think that is just who she is and I don't really see her dying her hair pink and putting on mismatched clothing to try to look current.

And now...for the two I absolutely hated for different reasons.

Interestingly, Haeley mentioned the pain she felt when her nose was pierced because that was what my eardrums felt when she sang *I Want to Hold Your Hand*. I kid you not...I felt actual pain. I have no idea why she picked that song and I have no idea what style she was going for as she warbled from country to diva to rockabilly in one phrase and failed at each of them. All I know is I wanted to hold my ears while she was on stage. What a colossal blunder to put her through. They did it last year with another teenager, Jasmine something or other, who also screamed flat notes which made my ears bleed.

And now for poor pathetic Didi who *has had an emotional ride*. As luck would have it, her dead friend Rebecca's family lives in Kansas and our local Fox Station did a piece tonight about the local American Idol connection. So, in addition to watching her perform live, I had to listen to about 4 commercials for the local newscast in which her performance of Terrified was featured. She is a combination of all of the worst of Megan Joy and Brooke White.

Predictions for Thursday night? Lacy and Ashley will go. Which is too bad because Haeley should be gone by all that's fair and just in the world. Plus it irritates me that Haeley's name is spelled so stupidly.

Now I'm going to go to YouTube to listen to Taylor Swift, Adele, and Duffy.

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