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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Well At Least We Don't Have Tatiana to Kick Around

I actually almost enjoyed tonight's show and did not get outraged at the injustices foisted on the good people by the drama queens. For AI Hollywood week, this one was refreshingly free of drama. And, the producers actually showed some performances instead of having to watch the judges try to outdo each other with cleverness. And, KK I think Ellen is going to be a good judge. But, I think she is going to be a much more serious and less funny judge than the producers envisioned. Not that there is anything wrong with that.

I must confess, due to my cheating by going to VFTW, I pretty much know who is going on to the final 24. So the following should be read with that in mind.

I am happy Big Mike's wife had their baby girl but I really could have done with a lot less of that footage. Its not that I don't love babies being born...I watch The Baby Story on TLC all the time and my nieces are sick of me encouraging them to procreate. I just would have preferred to hear more singing and less The Baby Story on American Idol. Also, I felt that there was a bit of typecasting going on in BIg Mike's group. I thought they did a great job and kudos to Big Mike for coming through well under such emotional circumstances. Still...I think the producers decided only one big affable black man with a kid to take care of could go through so they dumped the guy from Florida. I thought he was just as good as Big Mike. I would have like to see both go through.

I know they tried to portray Mary the Rocker as a complete controlling bitch but I could completely identify with her frustration. She was the oldest and most experienced in the group...she had these two stragglers that no one else wanted, join her group and at least one of them could not sing. She was trying to herd cats. She tried to lead but in a bossy boss way...you cannot lead women that way. She should have checked her ego a bit and joined up with a stronger group. My guess is she wanted to be the stand out and avoided the stronger singers thinking she would shine more. She barely got her ass out of that mess.

It seems like Lilly and Crystal got through which I am sooo happy about. Crystal is so far my favorite woman. I don't have a favorite man. I'm thinking the judges are going to fawn all over Katie from Boston...the 16-17 year old. She is very attractive and has a very good voice but I don't know how she is going to hold up for the long term. I thought she was very clever to join an all male group (Three Men and a Baby). They carried her and she could shine (as long as she remembered the words and sang on key). Watch..she will be flaunted and vaunted by the judges for quite awhile.

That brings us to the Garcia guy. To me, he is Danny Gokey without the dead wife. I just do not like him for some reason. Its visceral.

Oh...and I must admit...despite my intellect telling me that the ponytail guy Kara asked to disrobe is a charlatan...I think he is awful cute. I was always a sucker for hippie men. His chest was sort of scrawny though.

All of this can change over time. At this point last year I thought Danny Gokey was the cats meow!

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