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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Can We Get a Twofer?

As the final two perched uncomfortably and miserably on those stupid stools, I thought...oh can't they both go home tonight? No surprise it was Paige. Tim has the worsters voting (probably all 100 of them) along with some young girls who think he's hot. Even Miley wanted to hug him. I take some consolation in knowing that he was in the bottom 3 two weeks in a row so he is not pulling in huge votes and hopefully his journey will end in the next week or two. I took consolation in Katie being one of the final three for the same reason. She looked pretty shocked to find herself on that stool. I think she thinks much more highly of herself than being stuck with the two most godawful performers of the previous night and thought Andrew would be there instead of her. I'm happy for Andrew though. I cannot believe I used to hate him because now, while I don't think he is any good, I feel sorry for him and the runaround he gets from the judges. Now at least he can make some money on the tour before he returns to obscurity and has to get a job. I could make a nasty crack about what type of job he will get but I'm not going to tonight. Let him enjoy his moment of happiness.

I am loathing Didi even more, if that is possible, as she made a crack obviously aimed at Crystal about *well I could just stand there with my guitar and sing but I want to try new things*. She is a passive aggressive biotch. Little J knows what I'm talkin' about there!

I wonder how long Lee and Casey had to stand when Ryan forgot to tell them they were safe after he sent Tim and Paige to the stools.

Yay for Crystal. She seemed more lively tonight so maybe she hasn't been feeling as well as she could for the past few weeks and is feeling better now. I loved her quick response that she was going to listen to *me*, when asked whose advice she would listen to about playing or not playing her guitar. Then vapid Katie, when asked a similar question, tried to look all confident about who SHE is as an artist and ended up sucking up to Kara. I doubt Katie even knows what being a Pop singer with R&B influences means.

Now for the entertainment. Miley was not as bad tonight as she was last year when she sang The Climb, but I would call her performance turgid and self-indulgent. When she first did that dramatic bend down from the waist and throw my hairweave around move, I thought maybe she had stomach cramps. But she kept doing it so I guess it was part of the performance. I didn't like the song either.

I know who Joe Jonas is but who is Demi Lovoto or whatever her name is. Love a notto is my opinion of her. I will have to google her. Frankly, I think almost any random boy and girl from Hollywood week could have sung that unmemorable song better.

Next week, BM will be in his glory as he has decided that he is an R&B singer now. I think Crystal will do well as well as Siobahn. Tim Teflon Urban should be a trainwreck. Katie will get to try out her R&B influenced style. I hope Didi continues to fail epically.

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