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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Zzzzzz ...

What a boring show. I almost wish I would've just gone to bed, instead of watching it.

Best to Worst:

Crystal - Really is just in a different league, isn't she? And I love that Simon pointed that out. I don't know what all this "get a personality"/"connect with the audience" mumbo-jumbo is, but it's BS. I seriously want to be Crystal's friend. I want to go with her to a bar, listen to her jokes, and have her sing for me. She totally connects with me, and I think many, many others.

Lee - He didn't get much play from the judges. But compared to the others tonight, I really do think he was 2nd best. He changed up the song just enough to make it different, but not so much as to ruin it. Oh, and he's hot. (Have I mentioned that before?)

Siobhan - Listen, I don't get sick of her screaming. I think it's frickin' fantastic each. and. every. time. Yeah, maybe she could put it at the beginning of her song, but do NOT get rid of it. (My husband is making me post that he's tired of every song ending with a scream. But this isn't his blog, so I can say that I love him, but he's wrong.)

Equally mediocre: (all of the below just sort of blur together)

Big Mike - I'm just glad the judges weren't kissing his behind all night. It was nice to see him knocked down a tiny little peg. His performance was fine. He's got a nice voice. But it was boring.

Andrew Garcia - Oh, Andrew. You poor, poor thing. Every week at least one judge says "Straight-Up" and this week Simon said what we've all been thinking: "overrated". You're SO not motown. And, I think, get back behind the guitar.

Didi Benami - I've still got Rhiannon on repeat play. But You're No Good was weird. It was almost like she was playing a role - the slinky, slutty role. And pitchy. Just no good.

Casey - I don't know what performance any of the judges besides Simon were watching last night. I was totally 80's, no different from the original, and not that good of a vocal. And he told Miley he was going to interact with the fans and make eye-contact - but he didn't do either of those things.

Tim Urban - I like this kid. I'm sorry, but I do. I just want to pinch his little cheeks. Yes, the tween-pit, the stage sliding, and the fan high 5s were a little over the top. But they told him to interact with the fans, so he is. Was Crazy Little Thing Called Love fantastic? No. But should he go home? No.

"How Are These People Still Around":

Katie - My hatred for this girl is growing week by week. Not only does she have no idea what kind of artist she wants to be (neither do the judges), but she doesn't even have a good voice. It's nasal. And weird. And why do the judges say "make it your own" to everyone else, but Katie can sing Fergie's song EXACTLY like Fergie sang it, and they like it?

Eyebrows/Something About Mary Hair (I love this!) - Did you see his eyebrows??? They are seriously putting fake ones on him!! They're bigger than last week even! I about died when Ryan called him David Pukaletta - it just solidified why I hate him so much. And nobody can sing Steven Tyler. Nobody. Especially not you, freaky little 3rd grade boy.

Paige - Oh Paige. I feel so, so sorry for her. She's so pretty. And she seems so nice. But Against All Odds was horrible. Horrible. It was like a flashback to those initial auditions where they make fun of people.

Bottom Three:
Paige, Tim, and Didi

Going home:

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