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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Crystal's Face Said It All!

I am not a happy blogger tonight. I knew it was going to be a bad night when Ryan said there would be *surprises*. Didi makes the top 12. Not a surprise but I would have been thrilled if she had gone home. Siobahn makes the top 12. Good for her...she deserves it although I'm not buying this whole quirky label. So she's a glass blower and wears a nose ring. Then the shocker, Paige, who was the choice of the Vote For The Worst Gang, beats out Kaitlynn who was the choice of...well not too many I guess. She made a mistake with that Carole King song. If you are going to sing Carole King, and Natural Woman is owned by Crystal, sing Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow...or So Far Away...or Its too Late. But better yet...choose a song that shows your voice off. Not that Paige did...I have yet to hear the amazing voice Simon keeps saying she has. Mr. Auntee interuppted me with nonsense when Simon was explaining why Paige was better than Kaitlynn so I didn't get his rationale. Crytal looks morose as Kaitlynn sings hers swan song.

Then the men...I forget who they teased us with when they eliminated Toddrick...oh yes..Lee DeWyze. Sorry Todd...Lee didn't do so great this week but he is way cuter than you and he has done better in the past so thank goodness THAT one wasn't a surprise. But Lee looked worried.

Big Mike comes out and rearranges the stage directions. Thats it BM...get right out there in front of Ryan and declare yourself the winner of the whole shebang right now. I don't like BM. Kara does point out he keeps singing songs reminding us he has a baby...which unfortunately is only going to encourage more of the same. Did the Rolling Stones do a song about a baby? Well, As Tears Go By does mention children playing.

Cannot remember if they declared Lacy or Crystal safe first. I'm not unhappy about Lacey getting to the top 12 as I think she is better than Katie and we already know that the arguably worst, Paige, has made it.

Crystal is called up and she is not smiling. She is safe and still isn't smiling.

Then the worst moment of the show for me. Its between Andy Garcia and my new favorite Alex. Andy stays. The judges look a bit shocked. As they should be but its their own darn fault for praising him for that Straight Up deal he did. Vote for the Worst guys say about 5 people had done Straight Up the same way on Youtube long before Andy got to Hollywood. Crystal not only looks sad now...she looks pissed as do about everyone else in the group Judges seem a bit surprised too but recover well.

Finally...the All American girl against the truly quirky one, Lilly. Yes, Lilly's rendition of I Fall to Pieces was not very good but Katie was just terrible. Lilly goes and now Crystal has tears in her eyes. And the rest of the group look upset too because they just realized we have two teenyboppers...Aaron and Katie...who the fans seem to love even when they stink up the joint...so was this really a good career move for us? Lets just enter Justin Bieber and Miley Cyrus into the top 12 and get it over with.

So...now I'm left with watching to see how about 4 or 5 out of the top 12 do each week: Crystal, Siobhan, Lacey, Lee and Casey.

I am predicting BM will win and have the same illustrious career as Taylor Hicks, despite my malevolent eye on him the entire time.

Poor Alex...I loved him. I wanted to adopt him.

Oh..I almost forgot the piano duet between Matt and Scott. This was the song they were supposed to do in finale week but which got cut due to time. I enjoyed it a lot. Except I kept wondering...did Matt get that lump removed from his forehead or was his new hair do covering it up?

Glad to see that they both are recording.

Ok..next week the Rolling Stones. Which means I'm going to have to reacquaint myself with their songs. I am interested to see what Crystal does. I'm actually rooting for a Crystal/Siobahn finale I think. I might change my mind.

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