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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Nobody To Love

I probably would have blown off voting tonight except I had to go to the bathroom so I picked up the cell phone that had been recharging on the way back.

Oh my...pretty much a disaster of epic proportions for all but Alex and BM and surprisingly Tim Urban.

Lee was cute as always tonight but I felt like his song was a firefly that I could never catch and then when I thought I had it in my grasp it died on me like the fireflies always do when you catch them. I think he will be safe because he is cute and was not awful but he was not as good as he could be...at least I hope he can be better.

Andrew Garcia, still searching for the elusive moment of genius when he covered Paula Abdul's Straight Up in Hollywood, chooses ANOTHER woman artist to cover (he has yet to cover a song that a man sang and made a hit). I don't know the original song well...I seem to remember it being used in a lot of ice skating shows about 10 years back and I don't remember the bossa nova feel that Andrew put into it tonight. His vocals were weak...this guy is just sapped of confidence. Geeky genius to just plain geek in 3 short weeks. I'm sorry Andrew, if I found a bottle and there was a remote chance you might be the genie in it I would put it in the furthest corner of my backyard with an electrified cage around it and surround it with a 10 foot tall fence just on the off chance that something alive might rub up against it. I would probably put a bug zapper next to it too to make sure the fireflies didn't inadvertently rub against it and let you out. You were that bad. And I really was over not liking you and starting to want you to do better.

Casey, I will think of you because you are eye candy and not because you gave an especially compelling performance tonight. Like Lee, you did not suck but you did not shine either. Step it up.

Toddrick once again does his changing the song routine. He hit a few falsettos at the beginning which shows he sort of can sing. Seeing how well Germaine did last week with the Church music style, he decided to gospel it up now and then but not entirely. I thought it was a cold mess. I don't kow why the judges liked it. I thought it was even worse than his other performances because the gospel stuff was just phony. He needs to stop worrying about finding somebody good enough for him to love and finding any one to vote. And Toddrick, pay back those kids you cheated!

Well, KK, you told me so. Aaron Kelley did a poor imitation of David Archuleta tonight. And while I agreed with Simon that Kara should not have said *you are too young to sing this song* he was way too melismatic for me. He and Katie just don't have the experience to be here yet. Although...considering he was abandoned by his parents as a baby and left to his aunt to raise...perhaps he has more experience with the father not being there thing than Kara could ever guess. So, Aaron, my verdict is you are not there yet.

BM tweeted today he couldn't wait to do his song because his wife was going to be in the audience. She has been in the audience every week but I guess we need to be reminded once again that his wife had a baby. And so he sings a song about a woman having a baby. And him not being there. Very slowly. Very self-indulgently. And Kara cries. He's cruising into the final two because a woman gave birth to his kid when he wasn't there and he's made himself a saint because of it. Regrettably. My malevolent eye is on him. He is a fat Gokey.

Hallelujah. When I heard Tim Urban was singing this I was like...OH NO! Jason Castro owns the Hallelujah moment on Idol for me, perhaps its because its the first time I heard that song although given that I grew up in the Leonard Cohen era and knew some of his work very well, it shouldn't have been the first time I heard that song. Unfortunately, one of our blog followers, who I shall call Little J, replayed k.d.lang's performance at the Olympics for me a week or two ago which made Jason Castro's version look pretty amateur. According to Little J, Leonard Cohen said, after hearing k.d. lang, he never wanted to hear another singer perform that song again. I don't think he will change his mind after hearing Tim Urban sing it... BUT....it was ok for me. Not quite a *moment* but Tim got into the song. And Leonard can console himself with the royalties (he is still alive isn't he?).

So...who did I manage to vote for during the commercials of Shear Genius (by the way..the new hostess of that show has the most irritating voice in the whole world..bring back Jacklyn Smith) ? Alex Lambert. He is trouble all right. Trouble for Big Mike and the rest of them. No stupid falsettos...he just stood there and sang. I love his phrasing. No...he doesn't change the melody, slow it down, speed it up, add bossa nova or gospel or reggae or ragtime to it....but I thought it was soulful phrasing. I hate the mullet but he cannot change it now.

Lots of criticism on the boards of Ellen as a judge (*she doesn't know music* *I'm sick of her bad jokes*) but I have no complaints about her. Kara can get rid of the *I'm too sexy for my shirt* attitude at any moment and start acting like the serious artist she thinks that she is. I loved that Ellen hugged Tim Urban. She was hired to make jokes and to be the *nice* judge. And I like that she brings to the table the taste of those of us who are not musically trained but *know what we like when we hear it*.

Finally...why is the *Final 12* such a big deal when only the final 10 go on tour?

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