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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Gathers no moss ...

First off I think I should admit that I'm not a Rolling Stones fan. I do know and like maybe 3 of their songs, but that's it. I was nervous that the night would be awful, but was pleasantly surprised by most of the contestants!

Best to worst:

Siobhan - Incredible!! I hate to agree with Kara, but it did have shades of Adam Lambert ... Drama! She's just so weird - wouldn't you love to hang out with her at a bar or something? I love that she changed it up but just a little. And I don't think I'll ever get tired of those ridiculous notes. It makes all of the other contestants look like high school choir students.

Crystal Bowersox - I really do think she's got this competition in the bag. She waltzes onto the stage, sings this amazing song, and it's effortless for her! I'll admit it wasn't her "moment" (word of the season, apparently), but Crystal's non-moment would be a huge moment for any of the other contestants. I do think we need to start voting for her though - I worry about whether America gets her.

Lee DeWyze - He's so hot, isn't he? He might be better looking than David Cook - and that's saying a lot. I couldn't figure out why the judges didn't praise him more, because I thought his acoustic version of Beasts of Burden was awesome! I think, had he "rocked out" like they wanted him to, they would've accused him of trying to be Mick Jagger. Good decision, Lee. You're fantastic (and hot, did I mention that?)

Didi - I LOVED this. Sorry, Tee, but I think she's great! Her version of Rhiannon that I downloaded has been stuck in my head for days, and is on repeat play in my car. And I plan on downloading Fire, too. I agreed with the judges that it sounded strange to have her sweet voice sing such a dark song - and I liked it. (And she didn't throw in the dead-friend card this week, so that was good.)

Paige - Huh? Where did this come from? Is it they Laryngitis? Is this what the judges were talking about before? She's still not fantastic when she's in her low range, but those high notes were great! I'm doubtful it'll stick around, but good show, Paige.

Tim Urban - I'm sorry, but I liked it. Maybe it's because I've never heard that song before so it's not something I associate with "rock". (And I'll admit I didn't listen that closely to the lyrics to know if they're misogynistic - although I believe Tee that they are.) I dug it. I liked the Reggae. I liked the risk. I liked his family clip, too. I think he's cute. I hope he stays for awhile.

Andrew Garcia - The critiques he's gotten have been confusing, so I think it was smart of him to play it straight tonight. But I can't get back on the Andy bandwagon. It's just not that interesting anymore. But I am glad that Simon told Kara to stop taking everything so literal - "what did you want him to bring out a tank?" Hilarious!

Big Mike - Yeah, he's down here. Only because of his dancing. I was so distracted by the dancing, I couldn't tell you what song he sang or if it was good. Don't dance Mike.

Casey - Why were you playing the guitar with one hand? You guys have GOT to stop doing distracting things if you want me to actually listen to what you're singing.

Lacey - Is only this high on my list because I can't stand to put Katie or Eyebrows anywhere but the bottom. It was "pitchy" and boring. Even as pretty as she is, I still left the room to do chores.

Katie - What were you wearing, Katie? It looks like something my daughter will put on her babydolls. This is one of the Stones songs I know and love, so I was pretty mad when she butchered it. Could she look any more tense? It's like she's being forced to stand there and sing. (Although, I'll admit, it was much better than most of her other performances. Which isn't saying much.)

Eyebrows - All I want to say is my husband pointed out that they put fake eyebrows on him. Or, they said "look, your eyebrows are stupid, stop plucking them". Because, while they were still totally gelled and over-plucked, they were a little fuller right about the eye. What? Did he sing, too?

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  1. Didn't Aaron Kelly's hair remind you of the infamous "hair gel" scene from There's Something about Mary? My husband and I each, independently, thought of that.