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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Not a Shocker...

thank goodness. Lacey was clearly on the cusp. A little surprised that Teflon Tim survives to sing another day but I guess there are young girls our there who like him. Would the judges really have wasted a save on Paige? I don't think so. Pray that she recovers from larynitis, pray that she picks a good song and then MAYBE we can see why Simon loves her so much (although she does seem like a nice young woman personally). I think Simon has a faulty memory. He thinks he heard Paige's good voice once. Since he hasn't heard it again he has ballooned it into mythic proportions in his mind, even though Paige has done nothing since the show began that could remotely be called interesting, let alone special.

It was nice to see David Cook rock out on Jumpin' Jack Flash. I missed the second performance by the blonde woman because I had to see if the mean girl got voted off America's Next Top Model (she didn't...but the one who I strong suspect is a pathological liar did...I know...to much reality TV is a bad thing). Then comes Kesha or however you spell that woman's name who sang Blah Blah. I was nearly blah blahing chunks watching her perform. First of all, Lady Gaga already did that circle of makeup aroune the eye so she is not even edgy (or as I like to say, stupid) ..just a copy cat. Were there really humans dancing around on the stage with what looked like computer monitors or old fashioned tv sets on their heads? What is this....Romper Room or Captain Kangaroo? Not to mention the sheer stupidity of the song itself. I'm too old for this nonsense.

So...no outrage tonight. Really, had anyone but Crystal or Siobahn gone it wouldn't have phased me much. Sadly, it looks like we are going to have Katie and Aaron around for awhile.

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