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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Googling Around and Some Idol Gossip

As the final 10 were announced it became clear to me that the only one I really care to hear sing again is Crystal Bowersox. Siobahn might be interesting too...but frankly they could devote the whole hour to Crystal performing and I would be happy pappy.

Her fan site on the official American Idol website is chock full of new information about her songs. I think I told everyone to go to YouTube and search for Crystal Bowersox Farmer's Daughter and on the basis of that song, I speculated that her father was abusive. Then he appeared on the show and she seemed to love him so I thought...well maybe it was not a biographically based song. More recently, some one on Youtube has posted the lyrics and I see what I missed listening to it. The song is evidently about her mother...not her father.

Now I have learned about another original song...Saved By Grace. I have only listened to it once but it appears to be based on her reaction to her pregnancy or more specifically, the father's reaction to the pregnancy and her decision not to get an abortion. I haven't seen the lyrics text yet but that is my first reaction to it.

Also, one of the posters on the site said she met Crystal today while Crystal was shopping in Melrose with her son and boyfriend and that Crystal was very friendly...took 2 pictures with the fan (Crystal said...oh my mouth is open in the first one...lets take another) and seemed very genuine and appreciative of the fan's attention.

I admit it..I want this woman to win this thing so if you like anyone one better than you like her quit reading this blog now. My malevolent eye is on anyone who will keep her from winning!

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