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Thursday, March 4, 2010


Danny Gokey returns to the idol stage with a song that not only reminds us his wife is dead but a song that was written by a man whose wife is dead so its just perfect for Danny's first single. At least we won't see him for the rest of the season and hopefully not in seasons to come. Now Danny, continue moving on with your life but not on my TV screen...OK?

As for the eliminations....I was very pleased to see the Asshat Germaine leave. He really couldn't believe it. He almost trashed his fellow contestants when he said *well I'm not like these guys* then you saw a lightbulb go off and he realized he needed to climb out of that hole. John Park never really had a chance but he didn't help himself with his song choices and I won't particularly miss him although I liked him just fine.

Poor Haeley. I know I've been critical of her but now I'm mad at the judges for putting her in the top 24 to begin with. She was too young, her voice was too untrained and she really wasn't that good. I think they got carried away looking for the next Taylor Swift and crushed a poor kid's spirit in the process. And it seems she was really well liked by the other contestants...almost all of the girls were crying and some of the guys looked like they wanted to. So sad for her. Especially as she sounded so awful singing her swan song. If they had only told her during Hollywood week..get some vocal training and some experience and come back next year. Oh well.

I thought Michelle was boring last week but this week I liked her and wanted her to stay instead of Didi BeSorryForMe.

I was called a racist today on the American Idol Boards because I said Germaine should go because of his attitude alone. I guess the poster didn't see what I said about Danny Gokey last year.

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  1. Before the results show, I had thought Haeley, Didi, and Lacey would not make the final 12. I wasn't sure if the fourth to be cut would be Michelle or maybe Katelynn or Paige. I kind of liked Michelle so was sorry to see her go, but was glad to say "goodbye" to Haeley. Auntee is so right that she would have been better off waiting another year or two.