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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

I Fell To Pieces

I like Lilly. Not as much as I like Crystal...but I like her. I didn't like her performance tonight. First, I am a huge Patsy Cline fan and that song is probably my favorite song of hers. I didn't mind Lilly changing up the notes so much...although her changes did not enhancethe song at all and actually made it weaker. What I hated was that stupid mandolin that she barely plucked and her singing it in a baby voice. She looked like a kewpie doll and sounded like one too. For the first week since voting started, she is not getting any votes from me.

Once again, Crystal blew it out of the park and there is not much else to say but awesome. I notice that Didi decided to bring her guitar out in an effort to steal Crystal's magic. While Didi did not have the atrocious performance she did last week, I think the judges were a little too easy on her tonight. She didn't suck. She will probably make the top 12 because she didn't suck but she was not all that great to me (of course I don't like her BeSorryForMe persona so I probably didn't appreciate how much she didn't suck).

I don't know what got into Katelyn....that is probably the dullest Carole King song ever written and she did look like she was just going through the motions with it. It did nothing to showcase her voice...which is a good voice. She seems contrived to me. She's probably very lovely.

Lacey got some votes from me tonight. I liked that song for her, I liked how she staged it and I like her. Is she the next American Idol? I don't think so. But I hope she gets enough votes this week to make the top 12.

Siobahn...I liked her performance. I liked the song. I liked that she sang it because her hippie dad likes that song and he was in the audience. If her performance was dark...clue to Simon...its a DARK SONG! I think she has a lot of fans.

Poor Paige. She tried to be artistic with the song but she was crying her way through it and it sounded like it. I think she is history, which is too bad because I never did hear the marvelous voice that Simon says she has.

Katie just failed. She is too young for this show. She was pitchy from the start and only sounded good on the few glory bars in the song. It was boring.

I'm predicting Katie and Paige go this week. Maybe Katelynn and maybe Lacey.

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