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Friday, April 16, 2010

Glad We Didn't Lose Her!

The official AI Boards are all a twitter tonight about the news that Crystal was ready to quit. I pretty much said it all in response to the jack butts who were very critical that she would even THINK about passing up this opportunity and how UNGRATEFUL she is for all of her fans and how they are coddling her and that she only did it for publicity etc. However, it won't let me copy and paste from that site so...you will just have to trust me that it was a brilliant defense of Crystal. Or else go the the site yourself...and search for my comment under the name tee70 under the forum topic in General Discussion which is headed *What do you think about the Crystal Bowersox Situation* .... stupid site won't even let me copy and past the link!

Oh the knives are out for our Crystal on that website! People are praying she is the next Melinda Doolittle. People are saying she has no right to be on the show if she is sick. People are saying she is ungrateful and a diva. I had a lot to say but basically said:

As much as it makes me happy to hear her sing, she owes ME nothing. If she thinks its better for her child and for her for her to abandon this Idol thing...then I wish her well. From her original songs, it appears she thinks her mother was not all that great of a mother and I can only guess that she does not want to repeat that with her son. Every working mother feels guilt and its probably worse if you are a single mother. I really don't think she was put on this earth to entertain ME or to win American Idol. If she does its icing on the cake of her life.

One theme among the critics is that she shouldn't be on there because she has diabetes and when she was hospitalized early on they shouldn't have rearranged the schedule for her. After I pointed out that the next time they missed work because of a puny cough or a hangover they should start looking elsewhere *because if you cannot do your job everyday you should be fired*, I addressed those who are *very sorry* about her illness...*but really...this life is so tough and perhaps she just isn't up to it and shouldn't try*. I told them to tell that to Beethoven who composed his 9th symphony while deaf, Mozart who composed the Requiem while dying of kidney disease, and Chopin who wrote nearly everything coughing his lungs up from TB. I also suggested that those who were mocking her illness probably set fire to kittens tails. So...I was on a big Auntee tirade for sure!

I've seen the song list for inspiration week and if they ever drew up a list that had absolutely NOTHING on it that would suit Crystal this is it. Prediction: BM will sing *Its a Wonderful World*.

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