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Friday, April 16, 2010

Mama Sox Out?

We almost lost her, ladies and gentleman:


My take:

I've got a daughter who is 6 months old.

If I had to leave my daughter for months at a time to tape cheezy Ford commercials and lip-synch "doo wops" behind a 16 year old with over groomed eyebrows, I'd flip, too. Especially, if I was an honest to God artist who wanted to make a decent living singing the types of songs I wanted to sing, and not by being a corporate sell-out.

Crystal claims she'd never watched AI before trying out. I honestly don't think she knew (1) what she was getting into, and (2) that she was good enough to win this whole frickin' thing.

I get her. She misses her kid, she misses her family, and she sees herself sliding down that slippery slope into auto-tuned, pop artist hell.

I hope, for her sake, her son's sake, and the sake of the show, that she wins this thing and does become a multi-millionaire. She deserves it. And I hope she's willing to make the sacrafice to get there.

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