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Thursday, April 29, 2010

KK IS the Idol Prophet

You called the bottom 3! I was pretty sure you were wrong about Siobahn.

Boy her fans are really insane. They have all sorts of conspiracy theories going now. All predicated on the theory that *there is no way she got the least number of votes* because she was in the pimp spot, she got good reviews, there are 20 million viewers she has the most facebook friends, she has more friends on the Idol website forum, she has been in the press a lot, only 33 million votes were cast and that means they must have dumped some votes somewhere because that would not be enough votes for 20 million viewers, and finally, and most persuasively because *she is the best singer to ever sing on Idol*. The conspiracies are:

1. She said something about Simon in the press so they booted her off for that.
2. She is so talented, they booted her off early so Kara could start writing songs for her album already and they could market her in an untraditional way (when I pointed out that if they thought she was so great they would want her to stay a long time so as to get more exposure for her, I was assured that because she is Siobahn they want *untnraditional* exposure for her...I hadn't considered the possibility that less exposure for her would make her more successful...silly me).
3. Simon wanted her booted off so 19 would not take up her option and he can turn her into the next Susan Boyle and make millions off of her.
4. Idol is mad at Vote For the Worst so it destroyed her dreams just to thwart 2 smart-aleck internet guys.

I tried to reason with them. I failed. I'm not trying any more because they will just take it out on Crystal (one already threatened me with that).

Silly silly people in this world.

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