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Thursday, April 8, 2010

Out of Order

The contestants are being voted off in the wrong order. That's the only explination. Big Mike isn't going to win this, but it would be wrong for Tim, Katie, and Andrew to stay in the competition longer than him.

So, I see why they didn't save the save. Good call, judges.

Interesting that Tee liked the group number and not the performances, because I'd planned to stage a coup and attempt to get the producers to either (1) make the contestants actually SING the group number, or (2) cut it all together. This is getting ridiculous!

It's obvious that they've all been coached on how to lip-synch correctly: put the microphone up really high so that it covers your mouth. Some are better (Lee) than others (Siobahn). And I MIGHT understand if they were doing some really complicated dance moves while performing, but there not doing anything more than Miley Cyrus did, and not even close to what Jason Derulo and Usher did.

This is a competition that supposedly highlights their VOICES. I understand that once they *make it big*, they'll likely all become canned, auto-tuned, studio version, lip-synchers. But is it too much to ask for them to sing a few songs live now?

As to the actual performances:

I dig Jason Derulo. I wish he had more than 2 songs I know, because I like them both. And I can't say enough about his Michael Jackson inspired dance moves - a jump/split with a mic toss?! Really?! Awesome. (I do think it's weird that he sings his name into his songs, but that's another rant entirely)

I don't think I like Rihanna's new song. And the guy with the saw thing was creepy. But I like the platform, I like the guitar playing (fake as it was), and Oh My God did she POUR that outfit on? She's just gorgeous, and so amazing.

Pukaletta ... I can't believe I'm about to write this. I'm glad Pukaletta came back. Yes, he's sung Imagine 15,000 times before. Yes, he's still got that closed-eyes, lip-licking-slobber, stupid-chuckle thing going. But in a competition where Eyebrows is compared to Pukaletta, his performance made Eyebrows look horrible. Pukaletta's voice is 16 million times better than Eyebrows' voice. Pukaletta plays the piano. And Pukaletta's eyebrows are normal. In short, Eyebrows makes Pukaletta look GOOD.