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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

She';s Still the One!

Well blog readers, Auntee is worried tonight. Crystal didn't shine as much as she should have and I'm afraid the votes may show it as LOTS of people are wanting her to fail.

To tell you the truth, tonight was sort of blah for me all the way around. First, I got a call asking for a charitable donation for my university during Lee's performance (I made that kid call me back after the show and reduced usual my donation by 1/2....NOT because he interrupted Idol but because we are cutting back this year). Then I was distracted because I promised someone I would call them right before Crystal came on. And finally, I was really just waiting for them all to quit singing so that Crystal could sing.

I also must confess that while Shania Twain is a big star and seems to be a lovely lady I do not follow her music and therefore had no personal connection to any of these songs that I was hearing for the first time.

My assessments in order of appearance:

Lee chose a good song for him and from what I heard had a sollid if not breathtaking performance of it.

Country goes R&B with Big Mike. Shania was moved to tears. I was so unmoved I could hardly write notes about it. It was finally over.

Casey informs us he hasn't every sung on the show before so he is going to this week. About time, huh Casey? He made Kara happy by singing a slow song and I suppose it was pretty good but I'm still waiting for Crystal to sing so I just want it to be over.

Crystal is dressed for country week in her boots and sings a lighthearted song to her boyfriend in country style. It was not her best performance. In fact it was her worst performance and I just wish she had done that about 4 weeks ago and not now when the voting is getting so frantic and close. I still love Crystal. But Crystal you have GOT to step it up next week! PLEASE!

Aaron sings to his mother which is lovely. His cold is gone. He is supposed to be the country singer but all I hear is a mediocre David Archuletta every week. Was that country? Am I missing something here? If the Dial Idol Predictor is accurate, Aaron got the highest votes tonight and will be safe once again. Either the audience saw something I didn't see tonight or all the Tim voters are switching to Aaron.

And finally...the *wild child* Siobahn. Well, that girl knows where her money is but I didn't think she made it to the bank. . A good song choice for her I think. After the praise she got tonight we can expect her to give birth on stage every week until she goes home or wins this thing.

So...as a result of that...I spent the next 2 hours voting for Crystal. I probably used up all my monthly cell minutes (Mr. Auntee was quite stingy with my plan when he ordered it), so don't call me for awhile unless you are on Verizon. Some blogger who is anti-Crystal said old people are the only ones who like her and they don't vote much. Well I voted like a tween with a pink phone tonight....I wish I had ATT and unlimited texting and that my niece in New Jersey would teach me to power text in votes. But...I'm afraid Mr. Auntee would not go for that. And I do need a new easel so I can have two in Nantucket (thanks sissy for the Christmas certificate) for when my arty niece and little J come paint with me. So...no go phone for me.

If Crystal is voted off tomorrow...there will be no joy in Teeville. My fervent hope is that Big Mike will go.

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