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Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Katiesnana is the screen name for the hateful woman who thinks Crystal would not be a good mentor for her precious grandchildren. She is the reason I was temporarily banned from posting on the Idol website. See below for furthur details on that adventure. And while this is Inspiration night and I should be nice (and I will be...I promise!) I hope she was suffering in her bitterness tonight as the judges praised Crystal. I'm not going to hope that a philistine like her could appreciate Crystal's performance. She surely did not. But there is bile in her throat...you betcha!

In defense of all the contestants, the song list for this week was completely uninspiring to me. At least we were spared Over The Rainbow (Katie was going to sing it) And no one did Amazing Grace (a song I love, but not sung by amateurs and it has lost its inspiration for me from being oversung by mediocre talent on Idol). So...given the poor repertoire from which to choose....no....most of them still didn't do very well did they?

Casey. Casey needs to be in a band. Maybe not even the lead singer in a band. I like Fleetwood Mac but that song was forever ruined for me during the Clinton campaign. I can still see the 4 of them up there swaying out of rhythm as the convention closed. Like the last 3 performances of Casey's it was good but not great and as KK said last week, could be heard in any bar with entertainment throughout the nation. So...I'm giving him a B minus tonight.

Lee. Well someone had to sing The Boxer. I actually thought Lee was very good tonight. I'm giving him a B plus.

Tim...Some song by the Googoo dolls. I don't even remember what the words were. I wrote in my notes *Tonights the night the world begins again* so maybe those were some of the words. I'm sorry Tim, but I think tonight is the night your Idol world might have ended. But who knows? I'm giving him a C minus minus.

Aaron believes he can fly. I hope he doesn't try. Because he cannot fly. I thought it was overwrought and self-indulgent to use some phrases of Simons from last year. I'll give him a C.

Siobhan...Well Whitney has been on crack for the last 10 years or so so I hardly remember what she sounds like. I was never a Mariah fan. So...I'm not going to criticize her for taking on a song that was *too big* for her. I thought it was better than the judges thought it was. The judges hear her and see a big fat Lil Rounds portrait on her forehead and won't give her one bit of a break. I'm giving her a B minus because I'm feeling sorry for her.

BM. That is one ugly ass song isn't it? My notes say boo hiss. I hate it when he points the finger at the audience like hes in Las Vegas. I think it was heavy and fell flat...I'm pretty sure his last note was flat. After hearing BM, I am not only not inspired, I am beginning to get depressed about Iran sending missiles to the United States in 2015. I'm giving him a D.

So...after being trashed all week on the AI Boards by people who hate her hair, her teeth, her guitar, and her very existence because she thought about leaving Idol...Crystal goes out and sings a song I am not familiar with but which suits her to a Tee! (I later googled the lyrics) And she doesn't have her guitar (take that you morons calling her a subway singer). And she sings the first verse acapella and doesn't miss a note. And then she goes into it with a huge smile on her face and just sort of makes you think...could we just watch her sing 7 songs next week and forget the rest? And shocks the heck out of me when she breaks down on the last 2 notes. And makes me feel bad about not liking BM. And says her dad is there for the first time. And asks Ryan for his handkerchief. And looks just SOOO happy. So...I'm happy.

Then they do the replay...and even though they only have her singing 3 words in the recap...after just hearing her and hearing the rest of them ....I'm thinking she's on the train to Jordan and they don't even know where the train station is.

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