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Wednesday, May 26, 2010


I was fully prepared for *shock* victory tonighte of Lee DeWyze. America cannot resist a shy young paint salesman who has no confidence overcoming all odds and making his dream come true...not when he is up against an unwed mother with a chin piercing and a big tattoo. Forget that he had to be released from a recording contract to get on Idol. Forget he's made 2 CDs already and forget he is already the voice in a baby food commercial. He is really just a paint saleman who played guitar in his bedroom at night and dreamed big.

What I was not prepared for was arriving in Nantucket and finding that in the process of reshingling one side of our house, our caretaker completely disconnected our satellite dish, shingled over the hole in the side of the house where the wire comes in and then failed to drill a new hole and reconnect it. So, I could not watch the show. And now, I'm not sure if I want to. IF we had a ladder and IF we had a drill (heck, I would have used an ice pick at that point but didn't have a ladder) we maybe could have reconnected it. The caretaker better be here tomorrow to rectify this.

So, I had to accept it for what it is.

Clearly Crystal outperformed Lee last night but I'm thinking a lot of Casey fans switched to Lee and that she could not overcome the god and mama performance of last week. I only got in about 20 votes total before I just gave up in despair as the Dial Idol #'s were so bad for her.

I would like to say something really positive about Lee and I'm sure someday I will but right now...pffft!!

Still, Crystal gets a car and she gets and album and maybe she gets more creative control than she would have been if she was the winner so all is not bad. Plus...I have a place I can go to watch the show repeated on the internet tonight if i want to...but I'm not sure that I will. I need to check out what Crystal's performances were tonight.

So...until next year Idol junkies! Thanks to all of you who have been reading our blog thi season! We really appreciate it!

Now...on to So You Think You Can Dance!

Oh...an explanation of who CM is and how he almost got jumped in New Bedford. CM is Mr. Aunt Tee. He was at a convenience store in a shady part of New Bedford trying to buy beer and wine (it was the sort of store where the beer was Colt 45 and the Wine was Boones Farm) when he came out to the car to find 2 tough looking women circling it looking ready to pounce! He got so nervous he set off the car alarm himself!

And the Aunt Tee's along with Maxine and Monica arrived safely today after a 4 day journey from Kansas to Nantucket. M and M are happy to be roaming free again and except for no TV, the house was in good shape thanks to the Cleaning Fairies and the exterminator. Mr. Aunt Tee is bushed from the drive and the loading and unloading and the trip to the Finast today (where we forgot half of what we need due to the crowd and chaos there).

But...as Scarlett says...tomorrow is another day!

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