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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Taking back her title ...

It's undeniable: Crystal has reasserted her season-long status of the woman to beat, and last night she stomped down any last-minute surges from Lee.

I'm calling it now: Crystal is the next American Idol!!!

And how grateful are we that they weren't both forced to climb on the Train to Cheezyville and sing some random song written by a group of teenagers, or Kara, or the YouTube video with the most votes! I don't know how their "singles" were picked, but thank you, AI, for sparing us the crap.

Lee -

The Boxer was better the 1st time he did it. I hate to sound anything like Kara, but I really didn't think that he had any emotion behind tonight's performance. It's still been downloaded at my house, though, because it IS fantastic.

Everybody Hurts was a staple song for me during the highlight of my teen-angst years, and I cringed initially, because it's a total downer of a song. But not, apparently, when Lee sings it. He changed REM's depressing arrangement and made it, dare I say, upbeat! Were people actually clapping along? To Everybody Hurts? Now THAT'S something.

Beautiful Day was just too big for Lee. I actually liked Lee's accoustic version better than U2's version, but it's like trying to sing Aerosmith - you're always just going to be compared to Steven Tyler. And Lee, you're no Bono (even though you did put a leather jacket over a hoodie).

Crystal -

Me and Bobby McGee reminds us, for the 16,000th time that Crystal is a hippy. Got 'cha. But how do you not love it? Even if you don't have dreads, you have to admit that the word-less chorus encourages everybody to get stoned and sing along. And that's just fun.

It was a little hard for me to focus on the singing part of Black Velvet because I was genuinely concerned that Crystal would take a huge tumble and the tiny black velvet dress and ridiculous heels would end up in the air. I think a girl should win every year ONLY because they not only have to sing, but they have to do it impossible outfits.

And I'll just say it - BEST song of the SEASON - Up To The Mountain. That, ladies and gentleman, is how you close a show. And why Crystal Bowersox deserves to win this whole competition.

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