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Wednesday, May 12, 2010


In case you all missed it, BM went home tonight. I am ALMOST as happy about him going home as I am about Crystal being in the top 3. Since he is gone, I will be gracious and say that he handled it pretty well. And he sang the song better tonight than he did last night. I have always avoided looking at BM's wife very much. Another blogger pointed out, however, that each week, as someone besides BM was sent home, she was standing and cheering. So...I have to say my heart didn't go out to her as she was crying when he left. I'm glad Crystal's family was gracious enough not to jump up and down.

Also, in case you missed it, Ryan sent them to safety *in no particular order*, so Crystal was not necessarily in the bottom 2. Dial Idol predicted her as the only safe one. My guess is it went Crystal, Lee, Casey and Mike. I think its going to be a lot of fun seeing them next week on their homecoming tours. Yes, Casey sings like a goat sometimes and gets a little lazy with his arrangements but after all he's gone through with the judges, I am very happy for him (and his mama).

For once, we got real entertainment from the guest performers and not a circus show. I did not watch Fantasia's year and I am not a fan of R&B and soul music but she seems like a sweet and classy lady. My only critique is that you couldn't see her eyes for the bangs. I guess that is the new style (again). I remember when my mama punished me by making me put my long bangs back in a headband in 7th grade. Well actually, it wasn't punishment, she wanted to make sure my forehead did not break out into horrible acne from those long bangs. Anyway, I like Fantasia.

Had never heard Daughtry although I know he is another idol legend and I like him a lot. What a relief to hear people play real music and not have half naked dancers roaming around among smoke....or dancers with TVs on their heads. And a song that has word that mean something. And of course, Bon Jovi. They came to fame in the years when I was working to hard to listen to music but I can see why they are still here after 25 years and selling out arenas. And...I have a bit of a personal connection to them, since I worked very closely with their first cousin, a man called Joe Bon Giovi at Pizza Hut. A really nice guy.

Casey really did not expect to make it to the final 3. He tweeted a sort of farewell to his fans today saying something to the effect of thanks for everything, its been a great ride no matter what happens etc. I'm not sure what Lee expected...he never seems to expect much. But, I'm pretty sure they were both sitting there thinking *send BM home and not Crystal*.

Will we hear from BM again? Hard to say. I think I can safely predict he will not be back on Idol in 3 years having sold millions of cds, like Daughtry.

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