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Thursday, May 13, 2010

If it's any consolation ...

... the only person who got more camera time that you, Big Mike, is your sobbing wife and baby (also sobbing).

At one time I predicted that the Top 3 would be Crystal, Lee, and Eyebrows. Of course, I'm ecstatic that Eyebrows didn't stay the course, and am pleased with his "replacement" - even if I am still concerned about the Taylor Hicks factor.

I'm really looking forward to seeing Lee and Crystal return home. And I'm sure Casey's return home will be filled with screaming girls of all ages.

After dealing with a sick baby for an entire day, I didn't have the stamina to watch last night's performances in their entirety, and fast forwarded through all three of them. Even Daughtry - the original David Cook - and Jon Bon Jovi, who I've loved since I was 7. But I'm sure they were fantastic. I was just. that. tired.

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