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Wednesday, February 16, 2011


The worst part of Hollywood Week is over. I always dread the stress of this episode as it usually involves some innocent getting jerked around by one or more of their group members and being cut (IMO) too soon. In prior years, it seemed the judges didn't even want to know about the antics that caused some groups to tank before they even got started. Well...NOT THIS YEAR!

Jaycee Badeaux.is fast becoming someone I am rooting for. I don't even know whether he sings that well. I just like the way he handled the humiliation of being thrown out of his group by Clint Jun (last name not remembered but lets just call him Clint Jun Dung). Clint, an Elton John wannabe with his glasses, took charge of his group. He grudgingly allowed Scotty in (who no one wanted probably because he doesn't look very cool and he also has that baritone country voice that no one knew how to deal with) and then dumps Jaycee saying something about him not being able to hold a note. At least one girl in the group and Scotty look upset by this cruelty but they don't fight back against Clint Jun Dung and let Jaycee walk away. His mother, bless her heart, does not allow Jaycee to blubber and tells him to make the best of it. So, he finds a group that NEEDS him and even though he has never heard the song they take him in with open arms. Poignantly, this group includes Carrot Top, Brett Lowenstern, who has known his share of random senseless cruelty and even though Jaycee doesn't know the words in the performance, the judges know he has been screwed and send him and the whole nice group through. Jaycee doesn't even whine to the judges and acts like *oh it was no big deal* but the judges are NOT happy and by the time Clint Jun Dung and his group come on, they are welcomed about as warmly as a pile of fresh dung. Scotty shows remorse. Clint really does not and acts like it was all an *artistic* choice. Who are you kidding Dung? You just didn't want the fat kid in the group because he wasn't cool enough for you. Sadly, Dung goes through. The good thing about all this is that all of America was watching Dung act like dung and I don't think he is going to be a fan favorite if he manages to make it to the point where America votes.

The Minors is a group of kids whose mothers coach them through the choreography and singing and they do a nice job. One group is miffed that the stage mothers are giving the Minors an advantage. They should have kept to their own business because when they perform they stink except for the kid with the Faux Hawk, Jason.

Grizzly Adams, Cawy Abrams sings with an acapella group. They needed the music. Casey makes it through even though most of the rest of the group does not. Chris Medina's group is mediocre, but he makes it through. Evidently, his girlfriend's mother is also jumping on the fame bandwagon and has started a blog about her daughter's reaction to seeing herself on TV...she beat her head against the wall in anger. So, while Chris and her mother may want to flaunt her condition for fame, it appears that Julieanna wants no part of this spectacle.

My little friend Emily Ann is cut..we don't know why.

Then there is Three's Company. For some reason the sad sack guy cannot leave the two harpies he is tied to (one is his ex-girlfriend and he is still very bitter about the breakup) and then pouts and acts like a tool through the whole evening. *I don't wanna dance* *I cannot learn the song*. Go to another group jerk. He is cut. The girls are not, even though I thought they were not much better than he was in the performance.

Ashly cannot stop crying for anything. She almost quits and I wish she would have. Miraculously, after her prima donna antics and diva breakdown, her group welcomes her back and they do just fine.

And finally...my favorite part of tonights episode. Tiffani Rios, who still has not bathed, cannot find a group that wants her even though she goes up and belts out her fabulousness at every one of them. Tiffani honey, even an attractive girl would have a hard time winning friends after your display of arrogance in your solo audition (*I have been watching everyone fail at what I know I can do*). You are not attractive. And you really only yell not sing. Some poor dumb blonde feels sorry for her and leaves a perfectly good group to join Tiffani. They cannot find a third. JLo senses disaster and a disaster it is but Tiffani is not to be dismissed lightly. She argues. Good riddance! Still, poor dumb blonde may have suffered unjustly. Nope..she suffered because she was dumb enough to join up with a big loser.

Tomorrow we get the solos again, this time with instruments if people use them. Will have to tape it because I will be out of town visiting KK.

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