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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Wild Things

Watching Idol all of these years has made me a pretty good predictor! I missed on Haley and thought R&B voters would carry AshTHON (I have been spelling her name wrong all this time..I'm just going to make up for that by calling her Thong..if only to punish her parents for that ridiculous spelling). And for some reason, I thought America would like Brett (*I'm a burnt cookie*) Lowenstern because he was an underdog. But, on second thought, it occurred to me that maybe, despite his kind nature, he was starting to get on America's nerves as much as mine with all that hugging and hair shaking. Not to mention his stupid self referential metaphors. I'm more than happy to be wrong about Paul and Haley. I like them better than anyone sent to the stools and some of those sent to the couch. The Dim the Lights Drama and the montages took up way too much time, but maybe thats because the top ten were not all that surprising.

So, the show was really about the Wild Cards. NO ONE likes this format and think Nigel Lythgoe made an uncharacteristic blunder in cutting so many all at once. But...after next week, I will be saying Julie who? Jovany who? and be over it.

One only had to look at the 5 girls on the couch to know that Thong was going to be joining them. Idol has never lived down the early departure and subsequent fame (without their help) of Jennifer Hudson. So, of course, Thong chooses Jennifer Hudson's signature song to remind the judges of this injustice. She belts out And I Am Telling You (and I am telling you I am SICK of this song) and makes sure she is all haughty and divaish about it, just in case anyone forgets that she is the new Miss Ross. I suppose I will now have to call her Miss Thong.

Evidently James Durbin and Stefano have a big Bromance which explains why they were the last two standing when the lights dimmed. I was pretty sure Stefano would be asked to sing. I didn't have a problem with him until he was interviewed at the start of the show and talked about how hard it was going to be to see his buddies go home. Maybe it was just him being nervous, but I was thinking at the time *buddy...I think YOUR going home*. I just am not a big fan of his tone..or his singing either. But, JLo loves him. So Robbie and Jovany really were just fillers at that point. I'm not sorry about Robbie as his melismatic mania was already passe when David Archuleta used it. Jovany, I thought, was just made to needlessly suffer more suspense only to be disappointed.

I like Naima. I also liked Kendra. Kendra started too low and soft and Naima was off key a bit, but heartfelt. I wish Kendra was in instead of Miss Thong. Unless Naima pulls a big moment next week, I fear she may be the first to go.

As for the teens, Thia and Lauren A, I am going to have to suffer them for a long long time. At least Thia can sing even if she is a robot. Lauren A and her sense of entitlement will provide me with many more catty moments of blogging so in that respect, her presence is not a total waste of airtime.

The best moment of the show for me, was Clint Dung standing in the group of three and looking like he was going to throw up from nerves. I think he may have thought he had made it through at that point as Jordan and Jovany were reviewed more harshly than he was on Tuesday night. I think it was pretty clear that this trio got the least amount of votes. The second best moment was when neither he nor Jordan were asked to sing in the wild card round. Sorry guys, but maybe you learned a bit about Karma. Fortunately, you will not have a second chance to appear on Idol. Go home to the Karaoke bar and the students (who were probably the only ones voting for Jordan...in the hopes he would never come back to plague them). Karma is a wonderful thing!

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