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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Its A Mad World

I just checked dialidol.com, and it is showing the number one vote getter as Ta Tynisha! I then went to Vote For the Worst to see if she was their selection because that might have skewed the votes, but they chose Rachel Zevita as the worst. The gays at VFTW (that is not a typo...they are proudly gay and make fun of all the gay contestants on Idol) think the girls sing better than the guys. WTF? I'm in upside down land here.

It also looks like Smart Aleck Lauren is safe. As well as Julie Zorilla. Pia and Thia are in fourth and fifth place. So, my predictions are 3/5 right if dialidol is on the mark.

I am baffled at the Ta Tynisha love.

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