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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Goodbye Miss Thong.

Well, I am not sorry to see Miss Thong go. America didn't like her before and she didn't win them over with pretending to be Diana Ross. And, while I criticized her for not singing a well-known Diana Ross song, I am grateful she didn't subject us to that well-known but nauseating *And I Am Telling You* as the door hit her thong on the way out. Sweet Karen had a reprieve, and poor Haley. Any other year, with all the themes, Haley's versatility would be a plus. Now they want her to find her slot and stick to it. Maybe she should just sing *And I Am Telling You* or *Hallelujah* next week to make them happy.

I had to google Diddy Dirty Money. I didn't understand it was a band. I thought it was Sean Combs, Puff Daddy, Puff Diddy singing and that he changed his name once again. As he and JLo were once an item, I was interested to see if anything would happen between them but it was all very professional.

Adam Lambert showed us his soft side again. And he is a songwriter now. About alienation, and not fitting in and well...being gay. Why does every song these days have to have a chorus where one note jumps an octave and then comes back down? Other than that predictable element in his song, he was fine. I think he is a nice man. And he is giving to charity. So, good for him.

Casey is in the hospital once more. Before it was stomach problems. I will try to find out what his problem is. He doesn't LOOK frail, but maybe he has ulcers or something.

And, I learned about the new dance craze, the Duggy or the Dougie (it is listed both ways on You Tube). You evidently move your arms like in the Chicken Dance and make your legs bowlegged while you hop around. Cool...or as KK would say awesome!

Lauren boo hood her way to the couch endearing herself to thousands of gullible fans who do not see through her manipulations. I fear I will have to bear with that little tart for a very long season.

According to Dial Idol, which was famously wrong last week on the girl's eliminations, Scotty is America's favorite. Even the tweens and teens are falling for him according to the forum boards. Fine by me. I'm not to the point where I am going to obsessively vote for him but I have no objection to pink cell phones doing it for me. Obviously, if you hate country music you will be upset at the Scotty love.

I am ready for Nigel Lythgoe to let them play their instruments. I think they all do instruments, except for Ultimate Grand Supreme Lauren. OOOH that girl gets on my very LAST nerve!

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