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Friday, March 11, 2011

Yay! KK is BAAACK!! And An Udate on Casey.

Hope she can find the time for more posts as we need something besides my crotchety grandtee views (I am now officially *Grandtee* to my grand-nieces and grand-nephews.)

First things first. I read that Casey's health issues involve a bleeding ulcer. Just call me Dr. House. But, that can be very serious and I hope that they can do something to help him out so it is not a recurring problem. Crystal said the show provided her with the best medical care she ever received in her life so I hope it does the same for Casey.

Second, my opinion of the candidates is not that much off the mark from KK's opinions although I like James Durbin better than she does and Paul MacDonald less. And, I really don't dislike Pia, I just find her style not that interesting. Its not that she screams so much as she is a belter like Celine and Whitney and that has been done and done to death on this show and in the world of music. I like a little more subtlety and jazz to the voice, like Hailey. But, I must say that Pia is a beautiful young woman and I like her for not being vain about it and appearing in her glasses and hair in a pony. I think she is a hard worker too.

But truly, other than Lauren, I LIKE all the rest of the candidates. Even Thia who I didn't like at first is endearing herself to me as a person (not as a performer). I think she has a Tiger Mom and that explains her robotic stiffness.

I read no instruments next week either (BOOOOOO!). So we will see what they all come up with.

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