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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Surprise Finale! Oh, wait, nevermind ...

Those of you who have NOT known Scotty was going to win all season long have either (1) been living under a rock, or (2) been in serious denial.  No surprises here, but also no strong feelings from this blogger either way. 

As for the rest of the night:

Gladys Knight was breathtakingly gorgeous, and amazing to watch.  They finally found somebody who could take the focus off of Jacob's "dancing", and up-stage him no matter how many obnoxious notes he tried to hit.

Judas Priest hobbled around, Rob Halford barely made it up the stairs, and James went bonkers all around him.  James stole *that* show, even with the Village People ensemble.

Top 13 girls sang an awesome Beyonce montage, and then rocked out with Beyonce herself.  (I personally enjoyed Naiema's dancing the best, of course.)

Haley sang with Tony Bennett, who looked old and frail, but twirlled Haley around without missing a beat.  It was, of course, classic and just beautiful. 

Casey and Jack Black growled at each other while 80's fly-girls shook their "fat bottoms" in the background.  I'm still trying to decide if this was supposed to be funny, or serious. 

I had every single TLC cassette tape growing up.  Even without Lisa Left-eye Lopez, (and in spite of the obvious lip synching), they still rocked the stage. 

I, too, danced along with Marc Anthony and found myself mezmerized with JLo's shaking booty. 

Casey and James argued over whose elimination was more shocking, and Pia showed she actually might have a sense of humor in there somewhere by playing along with the boys. 

Gaga was absolutely insane, as always.  She threw herself off of a cliff, ladies and gentleman.  Nigel couldn't top that in a million years. 

Top 13 guys did a weird Tom Jones montage, and weird (orange) Tom Jones capped it off with more weirdness. 

And Steven Tyler reminds all of America that no matter how insane his judging appears to be, he is a rock and roll God, and is incredible. 

Then Scotty won.

He opted to hug his family instead of sing his stupid single.  And if for no other reason than that, he deserves his Idol title.  Congrats, young man. 

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