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Friday, May 20, 2011

Judgment Day - Eve

The only way I'm going to like watching next week's finale is if The Rapture takes the good-Christians Scotty and Lauren away and leaves the heathens Haley and Casey (and Steven Tyler) to perform. 

Otherwise, we're going to have one boring country showdown. 

I understand that the country music industry is huge.  As is, clearly, the country AI fanbase.  Carrie Underwood is a prime example of how AI + country music = super-stardom.  And I've said from the beginning that Scotty will have a great country career even if he doesn't win.  Given what we've seen about Lauren's parents (who clearly know how to brand their daughter and pimp her out), I bet Lauren will have a bit of a country career as well. 

But some of those 95 million votes were for Haley.  Those voters, I'll wager, are either lukewarm on country like me, or 100% anti-country like I'm assuming most of James' fanbase is.  I'm wondering if AI producers fudged up a little by (obviously) pushing this country/country finale (from day 1), and potentially alienating a good portion (me, Tee, and Mr. KK) of the fans who would usually tune in and vote.   

Haley went out rockin' it, for sure.  And with class - thanking the judges, saying she had a blast (did you take notes Jacob?)  I've been singing Bennie and the Jets all day, because she is just THAT good.

In the meantime, let's hope The Rapture saves us from next week's ho-hum finale.

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