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Thursday, May 19, 2011


If I can survive the election of Obama I can certainly survive the elimination of Haley Reinhart. 

But it still sucks. 

I really thought Haley could pull it out over Country Barbie.  But that last song sunk any chance she had.   Of course, Scotty is never going home. No surprise there and I love Scotty.  What is not to love?  In hard times, America wants macaroni and cheese and not fois gras.  Haley and James, gave them fois gras and they couldn't digest it. 

Mrs. Suddeth (oh..you didn't know that Lauren's last name is Suddeth and not Alaina?...I guess Nigel thought Suddeth sounded too clunky or maybe she's had this stage name since her stage mom gave birth) as an experienced Toddlers and Tiara's contestant mom (or wanna be) has to be congratulated.  Dangle your child in front of Steven Tyler by telling him his song is *your parents song*, have her do a cute little lap dance in Hollywood for Steven,  and then when its clear that Scotty is the one to beat...switch your kid from singing pop to country.  Next step:  *Living with the Alainas*.  A new reality series on TLC, Bravo, MTV or a the lesser cable channel called  OWN.   Mama Suddeth gets liposuction, a tummy tuck and boob job on Lauren's Idol earnings (hey it worked for Kate Gosselin) .  Mama Suddeth starts  hanging out with Dina Lohan. Lauren in rehab in 2 years.  But I'm not bitter.  Much.

Actually, Haley went a lot further than I thought she would.  

Just warning you all, I may not blog the performance next week because I am not sure I can stand to watch 2 hours of country music when half of it is sung by Lauren.  Except maybe David Cook is going to appear.  I can always catch his performance on Youtube. 

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