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Thursday, February 9, 2012

I Don't Wanna Throw Up!

I always get worked up about Group Night because there is usually bullying and injustice going on and it makes me sad for the victims.  But tonight there was no Clint June Bug to push JayCee out of the group thereby igniting the wrath of fans everywhere.  Instead it was all about staying alive! 

Poor Amy the tent girl, who was called *Hipsy* in her auditions.  She is a tough cookie and I think it was very unfair for Ryan to label her Ground Zero for the flu going around.  I have no idea what the group she eventually joined will sound like tomorrow night (if they let us hear it) but at least people were nice to her even if they didn't appear to be the strongest group in the room. Although I really think it was unwise of the woman in the group to say...*don't get me sick* and then rush up and give Amy a big hug. 

Brianna is very picky about the group she joins and rejects several because they don't have the right vocal range or want to sing a song she doesn't like.  I think she is the Brianna who ends up in the Bettys who we will hear first tomorrow.  All indications are the Bettys will be a train wreck as a group but I give her and her one fellow Betty credit for working well together to try to salvage it while the others went to bed.  At least this group seems healthy.

Brielle, who was in Princess Pia's group last year, thinks she knows everything.  She didn't know enough to make the top 24 last year so I think she should get off her high horse.  Her mother is hovering around and seems a bit embarassed by her daughter's high-handedness but then she starts trashing the geeky frat boy who the judges thought had a great voice so whatever good feelings I had towards the mother...went away.

Alisha the cop cannot find a group to save her soul no matter how many loud and bossy public announcements she makes to recruit singers of *Joy To the Word*.  Alisha lacks subtlety to say the least and I really don't blame some of those kids for steering away from her as she comes off as a supreme bossy boss and then keeps saying she's a cop which coupled with her loud bossy ways scares them to death.  The group she finally was allowed to join also has train wreck written all over it with dominatrix Alisha who doesn't get to sing Joy To the World and cannot learn the other song, the two other mousy women, and the poor guy who keeps vomiting. 

Then there is MIT with HeJun and Richie the cowboy Scottie wanna bee...I  think Phillip Phillips the shucker is in that group too.  (Was he the one with the kidney stones who had to take some time out to relieve some pressure on his bowels?  That was really TMI.)  The cowboy wants to go corny with the choreography and sophisticated with the harmony and Hejun  just wants to stand there and flap his arms and sing *How am I supposed to Live Without You* for the third time. I forget what MIT is supposed to stand for but as I recall it was some sort of multi-cultural *we are the world* theme.  I don't think Richie and HeJun, who are engaged in a massive war of  cultures, are setting a very good example for the rest of the group.  Hejun, who was rather likeable last night, loses likeability points but Richie is no charmer either.  A pox on both their houses.

And finally, Simone, who truly was ground zero in the illness epidemic when she fainted off the stage  last night(I thought she walked off of it accidentally).  She was fine, just as I told you she would be, only dehydrated (Daddy was so busy drilling her vocals, he forgot to feed and water her).  She was very smart when she came back  and was obsequious to the group members while her daddy wanted to go all gang-busters to get her in a group.  He claims he is just a supportive father and not a stage father but then he claims he is going to be famous so we know what his agenda is.  And...she said she needed to eat more...and he say...no she needs to drink more water and  I got to thinking she is not fat but she is not a size 0 either and I'm wondering if the guy is dogging her about her weight so now I don't dislike her so much...I just dislike the whole teen protegee/stage father package.

I'm kinda ticked they didn't do 2 two hour shows this week and get this Hollywood stuff over.  I'm even more ticked that the American Idol website is *rebuilding* the fan comments section so I cannot go on and make trouble there.  

Good news about Danny Gokey's friend Jamar.  I hope he does well.  

Obviously, you can see that KK and I are already forming different opinions of the contestants.  I chalk her sympathy for Simone up to her being a good mama.  

Stay healthy!         

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