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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Simone Black for the WIN

Poor little Simone Black wrapped up how we all felt about the whole night with one sweeping movement:  

God love her.  She seems so sweet and cute in her interview, and then they show her in a grey room, her father pacing back and forth and hovering over her while critiquing her voice.  The judges ask her why she chose the song she chose (cough*stageDad*cough) and she wobbles and then faints, off the stage.  

I'll comment on the people I remember - 

The 12 17 year old black kid who gets his cheeks pinched hits on girls and thinks he's a ladies man, actually sounds like a lady when he sings.  Puberty is going to screw this kid up in about a million ways.  

The golden ticket guy (Reed Grim?) who "scats" his way through to the next round.  Somehow.  

I actually like the guy with the big black woman in side of him but his "spending time away from my baby girl" sob story won't take him very far.

Jessica who takes care of her boyfriend seems like a really nice girl, and she has a decent voice.  I'm hoping that she doesn't go diva.

And for the rest of the night, I found myself asking, "Have we ever seen this person before?"

As a side note for those of you who preferred Danny Gokey's best friend to the actual Danny Gokey in Season 8:

Jamar Rogers has auditioned for The Voice, and is on Cee-lo's team!

He also had a pretty decent sob story (which was unfortunately over shadowed by Gokey's dead wife) that didn't get any play on Idol.  6 years ago he was addicted to meth, which left him HIV positive and living on the street.  

And ya know, the kid can sing.  So, during the evenings when you're not watching Idol, turn on The Voice and cheer for Jamar! 


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