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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Cry me a river

Good news:  I didn't get sucked up by a tornado last night

Bad news:  Weather coverage forced me to YouTube WAY too many performances, and there were a LOT of tears. 

Best news:  Stevie Nicks is the mentor!!!  Can we replace Randy with her?  She's gorgeous, isn't she?  I'm in love with her, too, Jimmy.

Best to Worst:

Elise!  Yay, yay, yay!  She finally gets the pimp spot that she deserves, she kills the impossible Zepplin song Whole Lotta Love, she totally owns the stage, and she's wearing Steven Tyler's pants (she didn't get THOSE in the Hilfiger section of Macy's!)  She's been under-appreciated - even villianized - all season long.  Tonight she kicked ass.  It pained the judges to have to stand up for *gasp* a woman, but they knew they'd be fried if they didn't. 

Hollie - I, too, love Carrie Underwood (who doesn't?) and Jesus Take The Wheel makes me teary every single time.  Last night was no exception.  She looked gorgeous, the winter effects were wonderful, and she sounded beautiful!

Skylar - Does this girl EVER hold still?  She reminds me of my toddlers.  But how do you not love it?  She's just the cutest little thing ever!  I don't remember her singing Gunpowder and Lead before, and I thought it was awesome.  I will say, though, that it would be nice to see her calm down a bit.   

This is not a face you question.
Joshua - I didn't think this was his best performance, but it was still good.  Mariah Carey is one of *those* singers that contestants should just not sing (with the exception of David Cook, because he can do no wrong).  The bar is set so high before that 1st note, and Joshua did, in fact, start out rocky.  The gospel at the end brought it home for me, though.  Plus I LOVED his jacket!

Jessica Sanchez - Two words:  Over.  Sung.  Oversung, oversung, oversung.  Google Sweet Dreams by Beyonce.  Go ahead, I'll wait.  See how even Beyonce herself doesn't put a run on every. single. note?  I give her props, though, because I loved the slowed version. Way to make it "her own".

Phillip Phillips - He only partially groaned and winced through this performance.  Plus, I liked him with Elise and Colton on the trio, so I was swayed a bit.  I've never heard Still Raining, but Phillip's version was pretty okay.  But like Jessica's ballads and Skylar's bouncing around, Phillip Phillip's songs are all the same (but the judges would never point that out to him.)

Baby of the Week - After all of Randy's "Colton laid down the gauntlet" talk, I had to Google this.  Waste of 5 minutes.  BUT, genius strategic turn.  Last week he pulled the Christian card, this week he backed it up.  I'm a heathen.  Christian preaching annoys me.  I get twitchy at church and I only go on Easter and Christmas because MrKK makes me.  But the fact is, I'm in the minority.  There are a lot of Christian voters out there - and if he Tebows after his performance next week, he'll have this competition in the bag.  Well played Baby of the Week, well played. 

Hair - I like the hair cut!  That's about it, though.  I think his voice is probably pretty good.  If I knew about vibrato and falsetto, and appreciated the type of music where that fits in (what type of music is that, anyway?) I suppose I might like Deandre.  But I just don't. 

Heejun - Still a dick.  Elise disagrees with Jimmy's song choice during week 1 and is still trying to dig out of that hole weeks later.  Heejun is a dick to the cowboy during group week, fights with Jimmy every week, and all but asks America to vote him out - yet this week he sings an ok-sounding song and all is forgiven.  MrKK and Jimmy Iovine might be softies, Heejun, but I don't forget.  And I hold grudges.

Bottom 3:  Heejun, Hair, Hollie

Going home:  Hair

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