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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Shock (Not)

Well, Auntee made an ass out of herself on the Idol boards today (but is not banned) when Ryan tweeted earlier today there would be a shocking elimination. Of course, my wishful thinking got the best of me and I predicted Jessica would be eliminated!  That would have been so cool!  But then they would have saved her.  So...I'm looking like an ass there. 

No, its not a shock HeJun went home tonight.  The shock was the reception he got from the judges last night which I guess made Ryan think Hejun was back on top or something.  Or else Ryan just lied about the *shocking elimination*for the ratings.  Take your pick.  Nice exit...he sang the song better tonight.  I was afraid they were going to save him but they did not.  I think the Idol boards would have exploded had they saved him or Deandre. 

I was sorry to see Skylar in the bottom 3, but the J's were not impressed with her last night so I guess they were not alone in their opinion.  I'm glad Jimmy is taking my opinions into account and suggested she sing a melodic song (a ballad) instead of the type she has been doing lately.  

I pretty much knew once Eric Benet appeared that Deandre was safe.  They wouldn't be so cruel as to have him meet his Idol and go home in the same night.  

Poor Hollie.  I think her days are numbered.  I keep hoping she will have a *moment* and thought she came close last night but I guess America agreed with Randy and Steven that her performance lacked something.  

As for Nicky Menage. I turned it off for most of the performance and got in on the end.  I guess she lip synced and kootchi kooed her boobs around.  Then she asked to be a guest judge and JLo shot her down.  You go JLo.  You are the Queen on the panel.

Everyone on the boards say that Idol doesn't want another country winner this year so they are discounting Skylar.  I'm thinking if Idol could get a country winner who goes platinum on the debut album every year they would be just fine with that.  Scotty was Scotty and I'm happy he is doing well.  He is back in school at least some of the time and pitching for his highschool  baseball team at least some of the time.

Next week is the 80s...which is KK's element! 





  1. Don't know why you hate jessica that much even she didn't do anything wrong to you... I find your blog disrepectful and biased....Think before you write ...i guess ur just jealous....

    1. I don't *hate* Jessica Sanchez. I just find her boring and robotic and not very original. And of course this blog is biased.