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Friday, March 23, 2012

Everything I think is wrong anyways ...

I apologize for not blogging my thoughts about Billy Joel week before last night's elimination.  You'll be relieved, though, when you find out that my opinions were/are apparently totally backwards and opposite of the rest of America's.  

For example:  
I LOVED Erika's makeover!!  I thought she looked edgy, and trendy.  
I also got a little teary at Baby-Of-The-Week's Piano Man, it was absolutely beautiful.  
I thought Hollie looked ridiculous in her pants suit.

So, maybe it's better that my thoughts on Billy Joel week were left unsaid, seeing as how I've completely gone off my rocker.

Last night -  

Unsurprisingly, Erika gets voted off.  Unsurprisingly, the judges save the save. 

Unsurprisingly, Lana Del Ray sucked.

Unsurprisingly, Haley was gorgeous and awesome.  (I will agree that the cage was weird.)  I always said I'd buy her music, and true to my word, I'll download that song from iTunes.  It was lovely, and I hope it's indicative of a long, successful career for her. 

On another note - Heejun has come full circle for me.  Remember during group week when I called him a dick?  It may have been edited out for the past few weeks, but he's still a dick.

Erika, who actually WANTS a singing career, is on her way out the door.  And Heejun (who is wearing the same track pants that MrKK SLEEPS IN), admits that he "doesn't want to be a star" and rolls his eyes at Jimmy Iovine when confronted with the fact that AI is dishing out a lot of money to make these kids celebrities.  Even JLo is getting annoyed with 'Tude, and tries to appeal to him with a "think of the kids" line.

Look, he doesn't want to be here.  He was obviously disappointed that he wasn't voted off last night.  He has no respect for the individuals who are actually TRYING to make a career or this, and he's blatently mocking them.  Let's give the kid what he deserves, huh? 

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