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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Jailhouse Rocks Idol!

Oh Nigel Lythgoe is regretting his *ratings grab* maneuver to bring back Jermaine Jones!  In fact, Nigel has a big fat egg on his face! 

It turns out that Jermaine has a problem with the truth.  Not only did he *exaggerate* the abandonment by his father he failed to disclose that he has some serious criminal matters in his past and some outstanding warrants.   According to TMZ, he will be publicly kicked off the show tomorrow. 

Sounds like Must See TV! 

I just feel bad for people who did not make the top 13 because his tall ass was taking up a stool.  Don't know if they will *bring someone back* (I hope not) or move on.  

But Idol looks pretty stupid for not doing a more thorough vetting of its contestants!  

I am linking to the article on TMZ here but if you don't want to bother reading it...evidently Jermaine's dear old dad, by coming out and saying *wait...we are not estranged* prompted Jermaine to twitter that he never told the producers about his dad's alleged *from the blue* phone call.  The producers knew Jermaine was lying and decided to do a more thorough check on him...discovering he was not quite who they thought he was after all!

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