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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

*Somewhere Out There....

beneath the Philly sky , the cops are waiting for me, as I say goodbye.* I must mention that Mr. Auntee, who is from Philly, was not at all surprised to learn that Jermaine was from his neck of the woods. 

Talk about drama!  Jermaine turns out to be a garden variety thug and not the Gentle Giant.  I doubt we will ever know the real reason Idol decided to seek the *cooperation of law enforcement* which led to Jermaine's untimely exit.  Some gossip sites are saying he was acting aggressive behind the scenes, yelling at wardrobe people, and losing his temper.  Or maybe it was the conflicting stories he and his long lost father were putting forth in their press battle for public sympathy.  We certainly saw a small bit of entitlement on his part last week but I must admit I was not as astute as KK and chalked that all up to nerves on his part.  

I wasn't too happy with how Idol handled the situation  tonight.  There was no need   to build the *suspense* for the audience for 3/4 of the show.  It doesn't really bother me that he was publicly humiliated but I think making it a part of the show was unfair to the other contestants.   Still.. showing him sing *Somewhere Out There* was pricelessly ironic. 

As for the actual show tonight, for me it was just *meh* with 2 or 3 exceptions.  

Since Phillip Phillips, the *original* is favored so highly, they give him the poop spot figuring he will be safe.  We get a bid for sympathy due to his kidney stones and hear that he almost died as an infant because part of his bowel was dead.  Entirely too much information about his elimination processes past and present as far as I'm concerned, even if this is the poop spot performance.  I don't know what song he sang.  It sounded like every other performance of his and every other growly male singer I've heard. Nice kid, I'm sorry he has potty problems, but he is not one to get my vote. 

Up next is Jessica, our little Miss Perfect, who I'm sure you were surprised to learn, was a Diva as a baby.  She makes an odd choice of *Turn the Beat Around* and all I can think of is the margarine commercial and *Turn the Tub Around*.  She does a good job with it if you like that sort of thing although that little *ready for it* in the middle was cheese on toast.  She didn't get a standing ovation which appeared to surprise her.  And the judges did not slobber on her as usual.  She explained that there were not a lot of songs to choose from in 1995 (well in her mind, probably not a lot of songs that were worthy of her voice).  My guess is that she chose an upbeat song thinking it was going to show the world that *I can sing the phonebook yoo dawg* and it backfired. 

HeJun is likeable as usual but had a perfectly dreadful performance of *Right Here Waiting For You* (or whatever the song title is).  Good song, but he blew it.  I think he is safe because he has lots of fans who love him for his personality and really don't care if he can sing well or not. 

Elise is out for redemption and nails her song (why did I not write down all the song titles?).  I was caught up in her performance and wishing her well as she took a lot of abuse on the American Idol Fan Boards for having a *bad attitude* last week.  She did great I thought but it may be too late.  

Diandre got bad reviews for his song (another one I cannot remember the name of) but I actually liked him better tonight than at any other time except he had to ruin it by adding that stupid falsetto at the end. Surprisingly, the judges were hard on him too tonight. 

Up next is Migraine and I told you she would sing about love and hope this week and redeem herself.  I didn't think her vocals were all that great but there was love and hope and for good measure heaven involved and the judges seemed to want to give her a pass.  We note that she was a cute little girl and Daddy has to make sure we know he was *somebody* once so we get pictures of him pitching. 

Colton, of course, chooses an obscure song filled with emo.   We learn that Daughtry is a fan so now Colton is a rocker and not an emo piano singer.  The little girls will go crazy as they imagine they can cure the broken heart he sang about.  Steven saw through the bs, bless his heart and gave him a scathing review with a look of disgust on his face.  Steven has figured out this guy is a poser.  Randy and JLo are still in love with him. 

Erika lets loose on her song and follows Jimmy's advice on the arrangement.  For two weeks they have been telling her to let loose but THIS is the week she was supposed to hold back.  Will I Am tells the audience she will go home.  Nice.  She probably will if only because Will told the audience she would.  I thought she did great and didn't take too many notes because I was enjoying the performance.  I will note, however, that she was one beautiful baby who reminded me of another beautiful baby I know who sings a lot of songs to her mother.  Of course both JLo and Randy give her the kiss of death by telling her she looks beautiful (meaning..you don't look as fat tonight...even though she is not fat she's only not anorexic). 

I'm pretty bored by now so I guess its time to bring on the Jermaine drama.  He didn't seem too upset when they tell him its over or maybe they had ten security men standing just out of camera range. 
I'm not sorry he got caught in his lies. 

Skylar comes on and sings Bonnie Riatt's *Love Sneaking Up on You* which is not a song I'm familiar with.  She does a good performance but because I didn't really love the song, I didn't love her as much as I normally do. 

Thank the Lord and his momma and daddy for Josh LeDet because thus far, apart from Jermaine, this show has been pretty much of a snoozer.  What woman doesn't melt at *When A Man Loves A Woman?* (I bet even lesbians melt at that song).  I tend to agree with JLo that this is the best performance I have seen on American Idol or at least one of the top 4 or 5.  Plus he's such a nice guy!  I even forgive the cheesy taking off his suit jacket because its sort of a retro Motown move.  A great comeback from a so/so performance last week and I hope he gets a lot of votes.  Now...if he can avoid turning into Jacob...I'll look forward to him every week until he gets booted off for the WGWG or Little Miss Perfect. 

Hollie takes on The Power of Love by Celine Dion and I maybe am only imagining this is her answer to Little Miss Perfect who grabbed THE song last week.  Hollie is not to be underestimated.  She looks fragile but I sense she is pretty cool, calculating, and can go for the jugular if pushed.  I like that about her because I think she will use her power for good and not evil!  She did not quite have a *moment* (following Joshua didn't help) but did a great job.

I'm afraid Will I Am may be right and Erika is going home.  I'm sorry because I want to see her sing more.  He Jun should go home..but not likely. 

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