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Friday, March 16, 2012

Pitcher Migraine = Lauren Alaina's Mama

These two parents have some weird draw that makes the cameraperson forget the CHILD is actually performing and spend entirely too much time zooming in on the adult.  

I know I talked bad about Shannon from the beginning, and her "sing for your life" performance showed that she really did deserve to go, but she seems like a nice girl.  $100 says she gets a modeling or TV gig out of this.

Daughtry was there.  Demi Lovato was there.  

On another note - You can't really call yourself a blogger until somebody has called you insecure and told you to grow up.  

Auntee and I LOVE to read your comments!  If you disagree with us, we (unlike those *other* Idol boards - where Auntee will no longer be welcome in a few short weeks) do respect others' opinions.  

So comment away!  

(It's only 80% likely that we'll make fun of your comments at a later date.)


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