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Thursday, March 15, 2012

I Told You So

Well, KK told us so.  She nailed the bottom three.  I'm glad she was wrong about Erika, but I must say, I was a little sad to see Migraine go.  I know I didn't like her from the get go but she has worn me down with her sweet ways and I figured out tonight, as she was singing her swan song, that the person in the Migraine family I really don't like is her mother...who is always singing along with Shannon whenever she sings.   By rights, it should have been HeJun and Hair sitting on the bottom 3 stools with her and one of them should have gone home. 

The judges actually might have saved Elise, which would have brought on all sorts of hatred on the boards as she has been targeted by the *attitude police* for not being overjoyed when she is placed in the bottom three and not hugging the winner when she is named a potential loser.

Shannon was just in over her head.  Pushy parents just couldn't wait another year or two for her to mature.  

Readers will not be surprised that I am persona non grata to some of the posters on the AI forum boards.  Seems tee70 called Colton's performance a bs, fake, self-indulgent pile of doo doo.  This very astute critique engendered an indignant response about my level of maturity (I guess I should have said feces or excrement instead) and a lecture from another poster on respecting other's opinions.  I'm wondering why he didn't respect MY opinion.  I would have responded but its a little early in the season for me to be banned...I'm sure it will happen sooner or later (it never fails).

Have no idea what the theme is next week, but they better get some life in this show.  For the most part, the last 2 weeks have been snooze-fests with the occasional rude awakening.

Idol gossip:  It looks like HeJun and Phillip(s) are buddies.  



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