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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Rational Aversion

Thank you KK for doing the research on Jessica Sanchez and justifying my aversion to her.  She is, of course, what we call a *plant* ala David Pukealetta Archuletta and her agent probably insisted on her being in the top 12 before she even graced the phony audition stage early in the season.  I went back to my earlier post about her and see that her family IS counting on her to support them (although they don't live in a box) and that there are a whole lot of them AND that I didn't like her the first time I saw her. 

This is what amazes me about these child *prodigies* who have been in the business since they were toddlers.  If they haven't made it to the big time yet...despite their cute ways...despite appearing on one or more talent shows...despite making a record and getting media exposure....maybe they just don't have the IT factor to make it...ever.  Archuletta is not tearing up the recording world (although I hear he is pretty big in Japan) and KK and I predicted that he would not.  I don't find Jessica one bit *relevant*.  So there.  She is a throwback to Whitney/Mariah/Celine and while I know what kind of artist she is going to be I don't think we need her.  

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