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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Why it's not irrational to hate Jessica Sanchez after all

If you've followed this blog at all you know there's one thing that Auntee and I hate more than anything:

Stage Parents

You can say "my child wants to do this", "they love what they're doing", "I'm helping them follow their dream" all you want.  But it's all B.S.  

If you loved your kid you'd let them ride their bike on Saturday with their friends from school, and then have a sleepover complete with pizza and movies.  

Jessica Sanchez' parents say "she's been singing since the age of 2"

I, coincidentally, have a 2 year old daughter.  Know what she can sing?  The ABCs, Party Rock, Twinkle Twinkle, Jingle Bells, Rock a Bye Baby, Moves Like Jagger, I'm a Little Teapot, Pumped Up Kicks, and about 86,000 more songs that never. end.  I should probably pull her out of school and put her on TV, right?  I mean, obviously she's going to be a star.

Jessica's career:

"Trained" at Theatre of Arts in Hollywood.

2 sit-down auditions with Warner Bros Records by 9.

Showtime at the Apollo at 10.  (The description here brags that she did this performance on only 2 or 3 hours of sleep, due to the rigors of travel.)

Semifinalist on America's Got Talent at 11.

National anthem at the Chargers/Jets Monday Night Football

Released an album called Blessed at 12.

"Starred" in a Cricket Wireless commercial at 15. 

My dilemma here is only that if she fails, her parents will blame her.  And that she is, after all, a child.  She didn't make these career choices.

I unabashedly say to her parents:  Shame on You.  


  1. what made you think she didn't ride the bike, look at barbies and so on... you're just being so insecure, grow up!

  2. Yeah..bashed someone else. She is half Filipino and we learned to sing and dance at a very early age. My niece is 5 and she likes to dance...it is just in our genes. Maybe you should consider teaching your 2 year old to sing or dance????

  3. You're right, Anonymous Commenter #1, and I appreciate your comments.

    I bet her stage parents scheduled the red-eye flight to Showtime at the Apollo so that it wouldn't interfere with 4th grade homework, or her BFF's birthday sleepover, right?

    Anonymous Commenter #2 - There's nothing I love more than watching a kid sing and dance! It's adorable, isn't it?! I'm just not willing to stake my mortgage payment on it.

  4. This article is so biased. Before you make stories, know what's the truth first. This is what Jessica loves doing, to sing and perform.. a strong-willed that at an early age she. Knows what she wants...rate her on her performance not of what she is because you don't know her...

  5. This article is so biased. Before you make stories, know what's the truth first. This is what Jessica loves doing, to sing and perform.. a strong-willed that at an early age she. Knows what she wants...rate her on her performance not of what she is because you don't know her...

  6. And you dont know her parents

  7. And you dont know her parents

  8. Oh Fuck You Blogger!!! You are just jealous and insecure. Teach your frikin daughter some talent coz obviously she does not have any and she's so damn unlucky to have YOU for a parent!

    1. I was tempted to delete this comment, but decided to let it stand. Since clearly the commenter has self-control issues and probably could have benefitted from some parenting by KK.

      KK's daughter is doing very well by the way. So nice of you to show an interest in her well-being.

    2. I actually don't mind, Auntee.

      I dislike Jessica Sanchez' parents. This commenter dislikes me (and my 2 year old, which is weird, but whatever).

      Plus, you know you've made it in the blogging world when somebody tells you to fuck off!

    3. Whoooo ... Dear Auntee/KK, i hope you are learning something good from your blog. Because definately you have some negativity & righteousness to work off. I hope you have higher ambitions than to feel successful because someone told you to ___ off.

      ..... raise your child the best you see fit, let that be your focus. Focusing in on someone else from an external point of view, not knowing the real conditions is putting your energy in the wrong places.

      If you want to bash some stage mom's though, you could write about "Dance Mom's" ... now there is an obviously bad situation where the Mothers let there children be influenced by an un-loving deceitful egotistical instructor. Have fun with that if you choose.

      But you are way out of your league with Jessica Sanchez!!!

  9. Do you know what the other problem with Stage Parents is?

    That they put their child on national TV to be picked apart not only by paid judges and industry moguls, but also by the American public.

    Remember when Lauren Alaina broke down in tears last year? There were blogs about how big her ass was. A 16 year old's ass. Because being 16 isn't hard enough without the entire country debating whether you're "fat" or not. (For the record, Lauren Alaina is gorgeous, as is Jessica Sanchez.)

    You put your kid on a stage for all to see (particularly in a competition where the point is to be JUDGED and VOTED on by the public), then you also better teach her to grow some skin thicker than the Anonymous Commenters here have.

  10. The reason I dislike JS is her fans. Mostly the overzealous ones that insult (curse at, verbally abuse) anyone who does not share their opinion of her talent. I'm willing to bet too that most of these anonymous commentators are filipino. You don't vote for someone because of their race. I personally prefer some of the other contestants on AI this year. To the commentator about "it's in our genes"...last time I checked there are successful artist of all races and I'll bet your life that not all filipino can "sing and dance"...after all you don't see an overwhelming number of them successful in the music industry. Besides isn't JS only half...how you know it's not her mexican side? On top of it JS is american. She doesn't even know how to speak the language. Better yet if you want to idolize a filipino star, why not go to the Philippines.

    1. I don't think it is fair to dislike someone because you dislike their fans. I haven't seen Jessica's fans being particularly hateful on the official Idol boards (well except for one of them)but maybe they are on other Idol boards.

      I think she also has many fans who are not Filipino but even if they ALL are, so what?

  11. Filipino Americans who have been Idol finalists:

    Brad Estrin, Season 1
    Jordan Segundo, Season 2
    Jasmine Trias, Season 3
    Camile Valasco, Season 3
    Guji Lorenzana, Season 3
    Melinda Lira, Season 4
    Jose Penala, Season 5
    AJ Tabaldo, Season 6
    Reynaldo Lapuz, Season 7
    Ramiele Malubay, Season 7
    Thia Megia, Season 10

    Some of these people were amazing, some of them weren't.

    The list of Latino contestants who have appeared on Idol is exhaustive. Some of them were good, some weren't.

    Some of them had worse stage parents than Jessica Sanchez! (ie Daddy Pukaletta)

    Auntee and I are equal opportunity haters.

  12. I think she is a good singer but..... she is a brat! She said on live television she felt like a third wheel around holli and joshua. Holli and Joshua are good friends and only a jerk would try to ruin that! Aww poor little Jessica right?? WRONG!! She is a brat and should have gone home tonight on american idol not because she is a bad singer but because she is terrible, irresponsible, inscure, little brat!!thank you for your understanding and DON'T vote for jessica!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  14. I hate her too she is not a performer all she does is karoke

  15. If you have to judge her, judge her by her ability to sing and perform but not by how her parents raised her. Maybe she may have had less than a normal childhood, I honestly don't know. But what I do know is that no matter what her parents did to mold her into the person she is now, they did a tremendous job because we have seen what she can do now and she has proven herself worthy of the praises given by many people including the judges themselves. Let's admit, she's a talented young woman and she's got the rest of her life ahead of her armed with the amazing talent she and her parents have developed throughout these years. The future she has, in my humble opinion, is much more than what any parent can give their child.

    1. I would agree with you, Anonymous, except that's just not how this country works. People are judged by the way their parents raised them all the time.

      I attended Columbine High School in the late '90s. When Dylan and Eric went on their killing spree, the world's collective fingers pointed right back at their parents, and the way they were raised. (I personally knew one family, and will attest that the blame was falsely placed.)

      I'm not saying that Jessica Sanchez is going to shoot up a school. And I really do believe that she is probably a perfectly fine young lady. She seems very intelligent, well-spoken, and poised. And she does, in deed, have more singing talent then, say, the average American 16 year old.

      But just because a family of 20,000 people molded their tiniest member into a meal-ticket, does not mean her future will be bright. She could very well turn into a coked-out starlette who ends up in the pokey by the age of 18 because she cracks under the pressure ... put on her by her parents.

    2. I would just like to add, as Auntee, that we have been judging Jessica by her talent and I (I will not speak for KK) find her to be a robotic Stepford contestant who is mimicking Whitney/Beyonce etc and offers nothing beyond perfect pitch to the musical world. (And I'm not so sure her pitch is perfect).

      You credit her parents for raising such a fine young woman but I would be far more inclined to credit her parents if they had raised somoene who cured cancer as opposed to someone who they hope make mega bucks to support them all.

      I mean even Michael and Dina Lohan raised a talented child until she reached the age of 16 and they started sending her to to nightclubs to collect a fee for appearing there.

  16. Lol. That is so stupid.

  17. I just don't like JS because she seems too programmed like a robot. There is a reason she ended up in the bottom 3 in last place, because she bores everyone to tears imo. She sings the same thing week after week. I like Elise, she has more talent in her little pinky than JS. Vote for Elise.

  18. Sounds like you're just jealous.

  19. Don't you know the term is *jellus* and typed in pink to match your cell phone?

  20. hating won't do anything =)))) I dont like hate blogs (no offense) in my own opinion beacause it only make things worst. well as I see now jessicas is enjoying her career and what she have right now and i really do see that in her tweets.

    I agree in the point that the parents must not be involve in their childs chosen career, but sometimes we find happiness in it and sometimes we don't and it seems like she is enjoying right now.

    (sorry if my grammar is somehow bad ^_^)

    1. To be clear, perhaps the term *hate* was a bit over the top. This is not a hate blog. We blog about all of the performances and results each week and you may be surprised to see that we say some nice things about Jessica's singing from time to time especially when compared to the men.

      We are, however, adamantly against stage parents.

    2. KK actually really appreciates this comment. I hope you're right and that Jessica does find happiness in whatever career SHE chooses (whether that be singing or something else.)

  21. i guess you're bored..... and made this blog.... i guess this have many comments and almost all of it is not approved by you >:D specially this one. cause FUCK YOU! hahaha hating jessica because of her parents?

    Anyways just to emphasize others comment "YOU DON'T KNOW HER PARENTS" maye you know them like their names? but you don't know them personally or who they really are... like duh. acting so childish (making this blog). how can you be a called parent to you're freaking singing daughter if you act like that.

    that poor lil angel taken care by a likes of you... pitty

  22. I just hate Jessica, she's like that girl who has the prettiest voice in the competition, true, but when i look at her, I just want her out of the show, it sucks to watch those three clowns doing a standing ovation every single time she sings. I hate Joshua for the same reasons, I think that the judges should just say what they think about the competitors, this standing ovation shit is just another way to control the audience to vote. I think Elise has one of the prettiest voices in the competition, and she keeps standing at the bottomed three (again with the audience control), and well, basicly the ones that I wanted to get out of the show, did (Deandre), and I'm cheering for the one in there that I know that could be a real superstar...COLTON DIXON.

  23. Jessica Sanchez: manipulation at its best!! She may be 16 but hell, that girl knows how to manipulate the audience and it fascinates me watching you people fall for that shit. Can she sing? Yes, she's good but, can she be herself? No fucking way...she's a cheap imitation of Beyonce, doing the strutting crap, the attitude, none of which belongs to her. I mean, she even has that BB chez (again, mimicking Beyonce) I can't stand people who can't be themselves and who puts on this innocent little front, working her way through every little expression that is caught on cam because she knows how easy it is to manipulate the thousands of brain dead, gullible people out there!! Can you people not see her ego growing way too big for her own good? Skylar & Phil are the only 2 that shows a little genuineness ...they both sing without putting on too much of a 'has the cam caught me at the best angle' show. They sing because they love singing....be it wearing nice clothes or just by the sidewalk...they are true to themselves and it shows. Jessica is just a typical fame hungry, manipulative brat who is very patient and cunning and will show her hidden diva as soon as she's signed on that dotted line!! Watch this space!

  24. I do not think it is fair to bash or judge parents just because they gave their child increased levels of exposure to certain opportunities that they think would optimize their child's talent. I have actually seen children who, at a tender age of 3, could verbally express their desire to attend particular classes or events because they are interested in it. Most these kids are specifically gifted in one or more areas in academics or the arts. Contrary to what most people believe, some children (especially cognitively advanced ones) *do* know what they want and they can say it out loud. Yes, I have met those kinds of kids as well.

    I think the key here is to avoid hate. There is just too much skepticism in this world where people actually see more of the bad than of the good. We look for loopholes instead of learning to appreciate things.

    Personally, I sincerely hope that, in this situation, Jessica's wishes are the ones that take priority and precedence over what her parents want. I see your whole point about "stage parenting" but these statements point a finger too much on specific persons who all of us do not know in person. I would understand more if this article is based on first-hand interaction... Like you, this is just my 2 cents and, again, I *completely* understand your being against parents being overly imposing because I am against them too. :)

  25. @ Auntee/KK ..... OMG! You are saying "shame on Jessica's parents" ... what is wrong with you two? have you run out of intelligent things to say in your blog? You are talking in generalities.

    What I like so much about Jessica is that she is a born star! She loves this stuff & she has the talent/skills/heart to do it. And then on top of that she is so humble & un-assuming about it. Her focus is on being a great singer because she loves it ... take a look at her face and eyes when she sings ... it is pure love of singing her best ... and then to top it off, when she finishes a song, she is so amazed and happy with her self!!!

    Obviously her parents did not push her, they supported her.