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Monday, March 19, 2012


I must confess that I have strayed from Idol and taken up with the Voice (but only on the side and it means nothing and is only about the music).  I think that Voice has, generally speaking, a much  larger talent pool than Idol and wonder where they came from and why Idol didn't manage to attract them.  Someone enlighten me on how these people are chosen to audition.  I know the age restrictions are lifted which is a good thing and (at least at first), the image restrictions are lifted.  I'm not sure I'm a fan of the *battle* format because there are a lot of good ones going home.

But, my REAL question, and the reason for this post is:  Is Christina Aguilera ever going to change her outfit?  I'm getting pretty tired of that black cow patty on her head and I realize plunging necklines with two-sided tape to keep the nips from showing are all the rage but come one...give us some variety here!  Sure, all of the battles were probably  taped on the same day but so are the Jeopardy shows for a week and somehow the librarian from Oshkosh manages an outfit change for each taping on a much smaller clothing budget than the Voice presumably has for its superstar! 

That is my biggest complaint about my new interest.

Update:  When I wrote the above I had only seen the 2nd half of tonight's show (I had to watch House).  Then I read the buzz about the Erin/Shield's Brother's Performance and watched it.  WTH?  That Erin is right up there with Bikini Girl and Tatiana on my all time contestants I loathe list!  And she WON!  CeeLo was not thinking with his ears.   

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