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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Oh Lord Its Hard To Be Humble...Jessica Sanchez Scores Again

Well, we have another standing ovation for our vision of perfection, Jessica Sanchez, as she sings Every Body Has A Dream to praise and acclaim by the universe.  I have a dream.  I have a dream I won't have to hear her oversing, overtrick, overrun, over vibrato and over melisma ever again.  I think my dream will die on the vine.  She gets the girl's *dream* spot for the 3rd time this season (also known as the pimp spot).  Idol is telling you that she is not going and you just better get used to it.

Tonight's theme was the songbook of Billy Joel and nine other people were lucky enough to sing back up for Jessica tonight.  If Billy is not already passed out for the night,  I'm sure he is amazed and  grateful that Jessica turned out to be the  one he wrote that Dream song for lo those many years ago.  It is probably blasphemy for me to talk about anything but that moment in time where the song and the singer came together but I will risk the Idol god's wrath and talk about those 9 other people who were allowed on the stage tonight.  

Diandre (aka Hair) is up first and switched to an uptempo song, Only The Good Die Young,  after several weeks of singing ballads.  In the mentoring session, Jimmy talks about trying to make it with Catholic girls and Diddy talks about Christie Brinkley.  All of this goes *whoosh* over Deandre's head of silky hair.  Confession, I am beginning to like Deandre personally even though I'm not a fan of his singing.  He seems like a sweet kid.  As he goes upbeat he pops up and down a lot and the performance was not a disaster but certainly nothing anyone will remember tomorrow. I barely remember it now.

Up next is Erika Van Peldt who I like a lot.  Based on last weeks votes, she will be the next one to go home unless she has a really wow moment.  She must have flipped Nigel Lythgoe off or something because she is not only given a death spot...they give her (the most beautiful contestant in the contest)  a horrendous makeover so she looks like an ugly female impersonator.  The Vote For The Worst guys called her new look a cross between Rosie O'Donnell and KD Lang.   I guess she thought she should take some image risks since Idol has been determined to keep her out of the spotlight by putting her in the death spot 3 weeks in a row but for crying out LOUD.  Ok, her hair needed a trim.  But, you do not make blonde girls blue/black brunettes.  They just look like harsh old women in a bingo parlor with helmet head.   I was so appalled at how ugly they made her look I could barely focus on her performance.  She picked a good song, and she sang it well, but I don't think it  will make any difference.  Ironically, since they made her give up her goldielocks, they give her the goldielocks judging treatment.  Last week she oversang, the week before that she undersang, this week she undersang again.  They. Hate. Her.  There is no other explanation. 

Joshua, who has incensed the Jessica lovers on Idol boards because he got better reviews that she did last week, is put back in his proper place by the judges. They were not feeling it from him tonight.  I thought he had a good song choice and don't understand why he couldn't relate to it.  I thought he made it his own but the choir coming in at the end (which the judges loved) I thought was unnecessary.  Steven says he had never heard that song before.  Say WHAAA? Its hard to believe until you realize that Steven was in a drug induced black out for most of the 80s and 90s.

Up next is Skylar, who is one of my favorites but when I heard she was going to do a country twist on Billy Joel, I had visions of Kristy Lee Cook and the Eight Days A Week debacle.  It was not a debacle but won't win her any new fans.  I don't think she needs any new fans at this point so she will be safe.

Elise must have seen Erika come home from the beauty parlor because she was having NONE of the advice she was given and thank goodness for that.  She sings Vienna which I was not familiar with but which I was loving by the end of the song.  I like this girl more and more and in my opinion, THIS was the performance of the night and should have gone last.  Since she didn't take their advice and sing a song totally unsuited for her or wear the clothes Tommy selected, she gets stuck in the middle where she won't be remembered very well.  

Up next is Phillips and he is not buying the mentoring/styling either.  He shucks his way through both sessions making them think he is listening to them and just does what he wants to do with Movin Out.  He still looks to me like he is in some sort of physical pain relating to his potty problems when he performs, but I must admit this was the first performance of his that made me see what all the fuss is about. I'm not spending any time voting for him though. 

Poor Hollie.  I must be tone deaf as I didn't hear the pitchiness they all complained about.  I didn't like her little spangled midriff top...but I agree she needs to dress her age. I'm just not sure the hootchie cootchie look is *her*.  I actually thought this was the first of her performances where I could detect she was feeling the song but the judges weren't buying it.  

And oh boy...HeJun REALLY cannot take criticism well, can he?  He is still feeling sorry for himself after last week and does My Life.  Nice that he changed to uptempo from a ballad but he pretty much sang this as a *kiss my ass* to the judges. Steven was not amused.  I thought it was funny but it was basically HeJun does Norman Gentle.  It did make me smile.  He bought himself a couple more weeks with that one I suppose...not because it was good or he deserves a couple more weeks...he is clearly the least talented one left...but because his fans will lap it up.  

Diddy and Jimmy are falling out of their chairs praising Jessica during the mentoring session although they do warn her not to oversing the song.  She oversings it anyway.  Thats OK by everyone.  I thought she was flat but I thought Hollie was on pitch.  Jessica is back where she belongs and lapping it up like a cat with cream.  

I love the song Piano Man (primarily because I think the best place to be is in a piano bar with gin getting all sentimental and weepy over old songs) and everyone knew Colton was going to sing it.  I have been critical of Colton but I did love his performance tonight. He has come out this week as a Christian and says he wants to do Christian Rock after this is over.  So did Danny Gokey but he went to Nashville instead..maybe Christian Rock didn't want Danny? (Danny's Nashville recording contract has been cancelled).  Colton isn't going anywhere for a long time.

So...I'm afraid this is going to be one long season for me.

Tomorrow Haley performs her new song live which I have heard and it is awesome and Lana Del Rey performs via pre-recorded taping.  I didn't know much about LDR until today when I youtubed her.  She gave a horrible live performance on SNL a month or so ago and has been the subject of much ridicule since.  I think she was picked up by Interscope as their answer to Amy Winehouse and Adele as she pretty much imitates one in looks and the other in song subjects.  I'm not sure what I think of her.  I think she might be a fake but I could be wrong.  We will see how she does tomorrow night.           

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