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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Hair Today...Gone Tomorrow

Everyone but Jennifer and Randy saw it coming.  Falsetto is just not that popular with America.  Hair was competing with Joshua for the R&B vote and competing with Colton for the pink cell phone vote and he came up short in both contests.  Sweet kid but it was time to say goodbye to him and his hair.  I really thought Jennifer might convince the others to save him and I think Randy was on board, but Steven was not.  I knew halfway during the song when Jennifer sat there with her arms crossed she was not going to get her way. 

The entertainment tonight was better than the past two weeks with Lana Del Daddy's Money and the Menage woman, but not all that memorable.  J Lo's new video is pretty much soft porn and I wonder what her voice sounds like without autotune.  I still don't get putting the mandatory rapper in the middle of a song but I guess my age is showing.  Evidently, The Wanted is some hot new band.  I had a hard time figuring out who was in the band and who were the backup dancers.  It looked like the band had 16 members at one point.   I don't know why the song So Glad You Came is a hit.  It sounded like this generation's version of bubble gum music to me but as I recall it did not have the mandatory rap thrown in so I will be thankful for small favors.  Kellie Pickler was really sweet with the contestants.  I wasn't watching the season she was on but I gather she got a lot of flack from Simon, in particular.  I'm glad she is a success.  But hasn't she basically remade her face?  She doesn't look at all like she did the last time she made a guest appearance on Idol. 

As we watched the group sitting on the couches before the results were shown, I said to myself:  They put the bottom three in the front.  No surprise on that score either (except to Jennifer and Randy about Deandre). 
I think Jimmy pretty accurately summed up the individual performances.  I'm having a big crush on Jimmy.  I'm glad he somewhat defended Elise. 

There has been a lot of talk about Elise's *attitude*.  After Randy and Jennifer basically said she needed to go when they said *America got it half right*, I cannot really fault her for being a little hurt and defensive.  I think that comment by Jennifer, which Randy echoed, was inexcusable. 

I'm not sure I'm right about this, but just after Ryan said Deandre was eliminated, Elise said *Oh...I didn't get it*.  I think she thought she was eliminated.  I'm glad she wasn't and I'm hoping she comes back next week with a great performance that knocks JLo on her much vaunted behind. 


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