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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Just recovering ...

... from the shocking elimination.  Which is why it's taken me so long to comment on Baby of the Week's vote-out.

(Just kidding.  I've just been busy.)

We haven't seen much of Baby of the Week's attitude up until this point.  Elise has been thrown under the bus as a bitch, Phil has been poked at for being too nonchalant, but Colton has been edited to appear a sweet little Christian boy who loves all.

I believe in Karma, kid.

The voters of America may not have seen you say "I don't care" about the judges criticism before they dialed in (or didn't dial in).  But somebody did.  And that somebody reached down, flicked your ear, and said, "Do you 'care' now?"

I like to think that America saw Schlyer and realized that she's way cuter, way sweeter, and they'd rather be voting for her ... except he STOLE her spot.  

The Tebowing at the end made me get up and leave the room.  Thank God I don't have to watch this kid again.

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