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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Colton Dixon Eliminated On Idol....Shock ME!

Colton Dixon was not America's Baby of the Week this week and no one could save him from a shock elimination.  As he went into a full Tebow before singing his final song, I can only speculate on why America sent this young man home.  First and foremost, it has to be because he stunk up the stage last night.  Second, perhaps the tween/teen vote is not as strong as we have always believed it to be...or else they find Phillip more appealing.  Third, I think he was getting just a little bit sure of himself.  Fourth, perhaps America was reminded of him hi-jacking his sister's auditon.   Fifth, he has been described as *knowing how to play the Idol game* and some viewers may have decided they don't like being played.  And finally, perhaps it was just America saying *Judges...we don't love your favorites so up your hineys once more*.

And, any residual sympathy I had for him (and there wasn't a lot) went out the window when  the showed the post performance clip of him saying *he didn't care* what the judges thought of his performance.  He has one bad review night from the judges and he throws an attitude.  Viewers did not see that last night so we cannot blame his pride for his fall, but there was a certain schadenfraude on my part when he got sent home. 

Damn it Jimmy...I think he has finally figured out why Jessica isn't stealing America's hearts.  I said a bit ago she was dressing too old (and maybe I said singing too old too).  Now she will be singing Disney tunes. Can Candle in the Wind be too far behind?   

Despite being in the bottom three almost all of the time, it appears Hollie and Elise are picking up some fans.  I'm a little worried about Elise sticking up for herself last night and tonight because viewers don't like contestants who *talk back*.  I'm pretty sure she was convinced she was toast tonight and decided she was going to tell it like she saw it.   She may pay for it next week.

I slept through the first 10 minutes of the show so missed what happened there.  I enjoyed Kris Allen although I thought he was *pitchy* tonight.  And his song has my pet peeve...the chorus which has a bar or two going up a full octave.  Every other song has that trick.  I am sick of it. 

What about Taylor Hicks?  I thought he had been barred from Idol property!  Good for him being in Vegas this summer.  I didn't watch his season.  He looks like a character! 

LMFAO reminds me of the 20 teens decade's Village People.  If you don't remember who they are, google them.  Complete waste of airtime from my perspective. 

As you can expect, the official Idol message boards are going crazy tonight with Colton's elimination. 

I'm happy as can be with the results. 



  1. Go jump off a cliff,a**hole.

  2. Little J and I are very good with all of your takes on judges and singers, who and why they are leaving, etc. One thing you didn't cover - how can Secrest get paid millions of dollars by that show, to act like an utter horse's ass the way he treats contestants with his "gotcha" phrasing, ala - "I'm sorry, but .. you won't be leaving ...". Why would the show sponsors want their brands identified with him? If I were Ford or Coke or ATT I'd say he goes or we go.
    Big J

  3. Little J and I agree with youre comments. Judges still out of line on bias and "fant praise". We cant underrstand how Secrest can be paid all the money he gets, to say, "I'm sorry, but I have to tell you, (gotcha) you are not going home ...". If I were Ford, Coke, or ATT I would not want my brand associated with someone who delivers the verdict like an insensitive horse's rear end.
    Big J